Five for Friday- How is may almost over?

Howdy friends!  Happy Friday!  I am ready for a long weekend next weekend already!  Linking up with Amanda from Meet at the Barre for Friday favorites.  Here we go!


I made up a recipe for Spicy Grapefruit margaritas the other night for Happy Hour and they were too delicious not to share.  And super easy!  And low calorie!

2 cups Sparkling grapefruit water (I used Skinny Girl for color, but pamplemouse LaCroix will work)
1 cup Trader Joe's Jalapeno Limeade (or just plain old line juice if you don't have a TJ's
1 cup or more Tequila to your tasting
juice of one grapefruit (I cut in half and squeezed by hand)

Combine and serve over ice.  Enjoy!


Rest in peace Chris Cornell.  I was so sad to hear of his passing.  I was such a grunge girl (I'm old and Gen X!) and his voice was one of my favorites.  I feel like he was at his best in this song, and bonus, Eddie Vedder is there too!  


If you haven't heard we are taking down some confederate monuments here in New Orleans.  They took down one a few blocks from my house Tuesday and I had to go people watch.  I packed my wine and camera and saw some things that shocked me.   I got this shot and I think my photography teacher would be proud for capturing the scene so well and in a subtle way.


I am so excited to go get my birthday treat from Kendra Scott next week.  It will actually just be replacing a piece I lost when my luggage was stolen.  All the other birthday deals have been disappointing.  Well, not Sephora, but I'm waiting for that one.  Everyone else still charges shipping or doesn't let discounts apply to what I want or what is on sale.  What are your favorite birthday perks?


There is yet another music festival in my neighborhood this weekend!  This time it is Bayou Bougaloo.  It is free to enter, unlike the $550 I paid to go to Jazz Fest!  I cannot wait to head out, I hope the weather cooperates!

Well that is what I have, hope you have a delightful weekend with people you like, food you love and great fun!

Happy Cooking!


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