12 things for the end of 37 (It's my birthday Sunday!)

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  It is my birthday weekend over a holiday?  How did I get so lucky?  I have been treated so well this week already.  I am such a lucky girl.  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.

I remember when I turned 30 I was so scared about it.  I hated how old it sounded and how I had not accomplished any of the things I thought I would by that age.  Now that I am turning 38, I look back and smile.  I am still not married and still not a mom (the main two things I was sad I hadn't accomplished) and now, I don't care!  I may not have done those things and who knows, may never, but I have traveled; I have grown; I have my dream job; I have amazing friends; I quit smoking; I am totally financially self sufficient and I have never been happier.  I am living proof that youth is wasted on the young.  I am living MY life and that is the lesson I wished I would have learned a lot earlier.

So in celebration of the best year of my life so far and counting, here are my monthly highlights for 37 since I am turning 38 this Sunday.

May-  I still had it in me to do a Mountain split while in the Mountains for my birthday.  Thanks to Pure Barre I hope to still be splitting into my 40's!
Such a great trip.  I never thought I would still be splitting at this age!

June- I attended the Delta Gamma convention in Orlando.  So. Much. Fun.

One thing I never imagined doing and I can't wait to go back!

July-I went on a blind date with the man that became known to you as the Gentleman Caller.  I am so happy I opened my heart up again and took a chance.  He is quite the gem and I am so much happier because he is in my life.

Our first selfie when we visited my now house for the first time!

August- I visited my Ohio family and did my first Pure Barre on the Road with my favorite ladies

September-I took my bucket list trip to Lambeau Field to see LSU play with a quick visit to Chicago and a surprise blast in Milwaukee. Here's the recap part one and part two.

Ah, if only we would have won the game!
October-I moved into my new house.  I just love it, it is the best I have ever lived in and I love my new neighborhood more than I can imagine.

My cute backyard after a day of hard work in it.
November- I saw so many fun bands at I love the 90's with some great friends!

We tried to costume!
December- I thought I was ending my year with the trip of a lifetime, but some bad stuff happened that kind of ruined that.  Still, we had a wonderful time at Ad Hoc!

January- I joined the 500 club at Pure Barre.  In only 2 years and 21 days.  A break up will do that to you!

February- I became an aunt again, and for the final time, to my sweet Ruby!  I love her so much!

March- I paid off  the last bit of my credit card debt and I will never have any again!

April- I bought my own Brass Pass.  I had one before but someone else bought it.  It was the best time ever!  Read my recaps here, here, and here.

It's been quite a year and I thank all my readers for your support and friendship, as always.  Your reading of my words and any time you comment or make one of my recipes is like cake every day!

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend.  I know I will!

Happy Cooking!


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