Recapping the weekend: Delta Gamma convention in Orlando!

Good Morning!  Hope y'all had good weekends!  I sure did!  And you know you are exhausted when you have to turn off the most exciting Game of Thrones finale ever at the halfway point to go to bed.  

I was at the 67th biennial Delta Gamma convention in Orlando.  Alumnae Presidents (Me!), Collegiate Presidents, officers, regional teams and visitors get together to do the business of the fraternity (that's what we call ourself, not sorority). There is also networking, classes on tech and organizing skills, speakers and other awesomeness.  Here we go! 

There was a how many anchors do you have on contest.  I didn't win ;(
We had the people in Orlando in our heats the whole time.
We had a lot of wedge salads...
And a lot of desserts
I got to catch up with one of my Austin gals, who I had not seen in 3 years!
We all had chairs with our chapter on it.  
Taking a pic here was quite the hit!
We got to vote on things with this cool clicker.
We had gifts on our chair at dinners!

OOh look, it is NOT a wedge!
Short Ribs!
This was only the fifth time this has ever happened!
The awesome whistling recipient.  Her "Anchor Man" came and surprised her.
She thought he was fishing!
There was a display from the archives everyday.
I need this shirt!
The signature drink, the Myth.  That's cotton candy.
I had to take this out the window, we were busy the whole time and not much outside time!
The Garden of Giving.  We raised over $100,000 while we were there for our Foundation.  Region 3 (that's my region!) won by a landslide!

We had some great speakers.  This was a panel of DG's that had made it to the top of their professions.  Lots of talk of work life balance, discrimination and getting what you want out of life.
We ended the weekend with a fancy awards gala. It was so fun.  Each region had their own poms to cheer on when a chapter in the region won.  I was sad to see it end!

There was also speakers on domestic violence and sexual assault, both were eye opening.  It was such a magical experience and I cannot wait to go back.  I am so fired up and ready to go kick off my presidency with some new ideas and vigor!

Were you in a sorority?  Are you involved as an alumna?  Do you know how to get involved?  You should if not, it is such a rewarding empowering experience. We aren't just for drinking and parties!

Have a great Monday!


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