Recapping the weekend: Friends food and fun!

Hi friends!  Hope you had a good weekend filled with family, friends, food and fun. I had one of those and it was great!  Linking up with Biana for Weekending.  

It felt like my weekend started on Thursday so let's start there!  My mom and I went to her favorite dinner spot, Houston's.  Even though they are a chain, they certainly don't feel like one.  We had a yummy and expensive dinner (oops I like fine wines!) and decided to get a drink after.  We crossed the street to the Blind Pelican and found a lot of people out of town with big piles of crawfish in front of them.  Long story short, I became the most popular girl in the bar because I taught them all how to peel!

It took a few tries to get it right for my first student. 
After a few tries, success!

Friday morning we were greeted at work by the office bread fairy, Dan.  He is the nice man that taught me the art of smoking meat.  He's not a bad baker either!  It was a much needed treat on a gloomy day when I had afternoon duty.
Sourdough bread and Morning Buns!  Thank you Dan!

Friday night was a surprise party for my friend's husband.  He was surprised because his birthday is not for another month!  We cooked out and played in the pool.  Her parents' house is so fun.  And her mom wants me to help her start a blog! #payitforward

Things I learned this weekend, dip fish in mustard before the batter.  Profit.  Holy cow so good!
Louisiana Saturday Night!
We had some freshly shucked oysters too.
Which we grilled with garlic butter and cheese!  
We partied until 2 am.  This is probably why!

Saturday I had me niece's dance review.  A new item on my bucket list is to tap dance in a sparkly flapper dress to a Beyonce song.  I wanted to get back up there so bad.  And then I remembered how old I was.  I did take adult classes a few years ago and it was so fun!

I had a nice lunch of Mexican food with my momma and then decided to have a night in.  It was very productive.  I tried out some VoxBox and Box of Style hair products, had a marathon of Veep and made 6 batches of pizza dough for my upcoming family vacation.  We are making our own pizzas on my cooking night.  You can find my dough recipe here.  Please ignore how bad that old post looks!

I love the science of yeast and dough making!

Sunday we went to my grandparents' house on the Northshore for Father's Day.  My great uncle had caught some big redfish and my grandma made redfish courtbouillon.  Oh my it was good!
That's a big fish!
This is the bone!  Quite the fish!  I just love my grandma!
Of course there was dessert!  Pineapple upside down cake, raspberry chocolate pudding cake and angel food cake!

It was a nice day at their home, I was the only one of my "age layer" of cousins that came so I almost got a seat at the adult table but was foiled again.  Maybe one day I'll get there!

What was going on for your weekend? It is a short week for me, heading to Orlando Wednesday. Have a great week campers!
Happy Cooking!


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