May 31, 2016

Memorial Day in the mountains!

Hello gentle readers!  I was in Topton, North Carolina for my long weekend.  It was full of friends, food, adventure and coloring books.  I could not have asked for a better time!  I cannot thank my friend Laura's parents enough for letting us stay at their beautiful home! And Laura is the best for organizing such a fun trip!  What a way to spend my birthday!  Beware, this is a photo heavy recap post!

All the lawyers got there first!

May 27, 2016

It's my birthday! Let's go out more and celebrate!

Hello all and Happy Friday!  I am on my way to my mountain vacation! Linking up with Amanda's Friday Favorites and Tif for High Five For Friday Hope you are all having some fun on this holiday weekend like I am...

I cannot wait to zip line!
Today is my last day of being 36 since tomorrow is my birthday!  I am so glad to be spending it with great friends doing fun things.  Part of enjoying life is doing things that make you happy.  

I love seeing live music
Jazz Fest buddies for My Morning Jacket!

Trying new restaurants
Cousins at Cavan, review to come!

And discovering new events
A happy hour is better when it is for a great cause.  We lit it up blue for Autism Speaks!
You know what really helps me find concerts, events and other fun things? Eventbrite. Eventbrite is a great resource for finding events of all types in your area, and for battling FOMO. That stands for fear of missing out (like you didn't know). And bonus, they are everywhere, so you can use it when you travel! 

In an effort to combat FOMO, Eventbrite is launching a campaign to create the habit of GOMO.  That stands for going out more often! Step away from the Apple TV folks, get out and do something fun! You can even plan an event and invite your friends!  They have easy to use event planning software as well, for any event, large or small.  Check it out here.  Teamwork is key for getting in the habit of GOMO!

GOMO sounded like a plan to my little FOMO soul. Currently I am in Nantahala, NC doing some fun things.  In honor of a new year of life, here is what else I have planned this year as part of getting in the GOMO habit!


In June, I'm going to see St. Lucia at the awesome Civic Theater in New Orleans.  In September I am so excited to be seeing the Dixie Chicks!  I loved them in college and am really excited to see them. And Elle King is opening, what a combination!  In October, I am heading to the awesome Voodoo Fest!  I always get my tickets over a year in advance for super cheap and almost forget when the time comes!  I cannot wait to see who will be playing!


At the end of the month I am heading to Orlando for a convention.  It will be so weird to go there and not visit Disneyworld or Harry Potter World. I literally have no free time from the looks of the schedule.  My family always heads to Orange Beach, Alabama for our annual 4th of July beach trip. Three generations of us head over and have fun in the sun.  Looking forward to some quality time with my cousins, nieces and nephews!  I am heading to Cincinnati in August to visit the other side of my family.  Looking forward to exploring some new areas of the city!

I love finding new events and meeting new people and Eventbrite is a great way to do it.  In my 37th year I want to grow more as a person and blogger and, if it is possible, have more fun! I browsed my local Eventbrite page and found a quite a few that piqued my interest!

In order to be more well rounded and grow:

I like to get out of my comfort zone every now and again since I am a routine oriented person.  Hmm, what about Burlesque anyone?

non fiction writing class could really help me become a better blogger and maybe branch out into other areas.  When I blog about something not food related, I seem to get more hits.  Maybe it's a sign!

This Italian cooking class really looks great and could expand my horizons beyond my family favorites and what I find on Pinterest.  I am a pretty good cook, but there is always room to get better!

In order to have more fun and meet new people in the process:

I missed this wine tasting but set an alert to see when they have more!  Eventbrite also shows you similar classes that you may be interested in, so you can plan ahead!

I am participating in the June Eat Local Challege, so how great is this garden happy hour to keep me in line.  I am definitely going!

And how could I forget about the 610 Stompers Wet Hot American Summer Bar Crawl!  What a fun event with some ordinary men with extraordinary moves!

What will you do to help combat FOMO and get in the habit of GOMO? Do you ever use Eventbrite to find or plan events?

Hope y'all have a great weekend!



Eventbrite did not compensate me monetarily for this post, but may repost to their social media.  All opinions are my own, I promise! Remember the Blue Apron post?

May 26, 2016

Who needs a potato anyway? (low carb twice cooked cabbage with sour cream, bacon and cheese)

Blogger is wonky as I draft this.  I blame jury duty, that is where I am.  Oh well look, yummy food!
I have a love affair with cabbage. It is so cost effective, so versatile, and pairs really well with bacon. Kind of sounds like me, hee hee. I still have a bunch of sour cream leftover from Hogs for the Cause and I just hate letting things go to waste. I was playing on Pinterest looking for creative ways to use sour cream and stumbled upon this yummy looking recipe for low carb twice cooked cabbage. Holy Cow! Like a twice cooked baked potato with none of the carbs and none of the guilt!

This was really delicious and I froze the leftovers and they were still so damn good! This is the perfect side for chicken, beef or pork.  I paired it with leftover slow cooker brisket.  It would probably be good on its own too!  Try this out, it is delicious, easy and so different.  Perfect for a potluck too!  Full recipe after the montage.

May 25, 2016

Not as pretty as pictured, yet still delicious (Brussels Sprouts, Arugula, wheat berry and chicken salad)

It takes a lot of work to be me on Sundays.  It is my day I am allowed to do laundry (I share facilities with my landlord), the day I have to draft a recap blog post from scratch, the day Game of Thrones comes on (the only show I really watch) and the night I need to prep lunch for the week.  It is hectic. And if I have plans, it is even more hectic.  Today you get a glimpse into the lunch prep portion of my hectic Sundays.

My friend Monica sent me this recipe for a chicken wheatberry salad with shaved brussels sprouts and arugula.  Man that's a mouthful!  She is always sharing healthy recipes with me, and you and I reap the benefits!  This had a bunch of my favorite things in it like caramelized onions, Brussels sprouts, jalepenos, and on and on.  It was really delicious!  I did not use the dressing in the original recipe.  I am not a fan of fish sauce and I had some dressing that was more to my liking on hand.

Try this out.  And try out my method for parceling out salads for the week.  I usually do resuable containers but did not have any clean at the moment and had to be wasteful with plastic bags.  I try to be green as much as I can, so this pained me!  The flavors of this are so good, and it is so healthy! Full recipe to follow!

The lovely cast

May 24, 2016

A tongue twisting spring salad (Chickpea and avocado salad with white balsamic dressing)

I was perusing my Bloglovin feed a few weeks ago and Emily from Martini's and Bikini's  had a salad roundup that looked heavenly.  I went through them and decided to make one of her selections for lunch one week.  I chose this chickpea one from Lauren's latest.  I liked that it was vegetarian, had some interesting flavor combinations, included avocado (swoon) and used an ingredient I hadn't used before in white balsamic.  

I made a few substitutions to bring it to my liking, and accidentally left out something.  I am not a fan of cucumbers for the most part so I left them out.  I am anti raw onion so I subbed shallots for that.  I apparently got some stinky shallots, I triple bagged them and still got mean faces when people walked in my office that week! Speaking of stinky, I am really not a fan of bleu cheese; therefore I left that off the salad.  I thought I had tarragon and I forgot about the carrots, so those are not here. And, finally, my old and better Rouses wanted an offensive $4 for basil. Even though it was local and grown on the roof, I just couldn't do it. I had a similar problem with the cost of cilantro when I first moved back from Texas, 50 cent cilantro spoils you!

This salad was really good.  I will admit, it was not as filling as some of my other salads usually are, although that is probably my fault for leaving some of the ingredients out! I think adding chicken or tuna would be really good or subbing that for the chickpeas even!  Regardless, it was yummy, easy, and healthy!  And now I look forward to making more dressings with white Balsamic, so delicious and tangy! The full recipe will follow the montage. 

The perfect bite!

May 23, 2016

Hello, Monday, how about a beach recap?

Hello my sweet peas!  How are ya?  Hope you had a weekend that held what you were looking for!  I had a great weekend with my extended family at the beach. It started, though, with a trip to the French Quarter for a send off lunch for my now former boss. We went to Sobou (a great spot if you are heading to New Orleans) and ran into my friend Sam who works for the family that owns Sobou, Commander's Palace and Cafe Adelaide.  She was so sweet and sent us some extra goodies!  My boss had a great send off and we had a great time!

Holy Cow!  Sweet Potato Beignets with foie gras fondue, duck debris & chicory coffee ganache yum!
I got the Aji chicken.  It is not on the online menu.  It is fried chicken, street corn with cracklin dust, pineapple spike cole slaw and some other fun stuff.  Again, holy cow!

I was wondering how to eat it.  Apparently you are not supposed to eat the corn like this!
I blew that popsicle stand and headed to my Aunt and Uncle's beach condo.  Ah, heaven.  I usually don't get to go until 4th of July so this was a special treat.  I had some extra time with my cousin and her two kids in from Los Angeles too.  What a treat!

They don't face the gulf, but who cares, prefect view!
The kids played this game.  What do you call this?
I was sporting my Feathered Nest Boutique custom Lilly Pulitzer patch visor.  Thanks, Christina for the info on it!
We had a fun fun dinner at the Gulf with the kiddos! This place is awesome and must bathe in money! Good food, great drinks, awesome view and open for kiddos to run!
That blue moon though, out of control beautiful.  #Imayhavecriedatthebeautyofit
That cry may have been due to reading this book all weekend.  Man, personal growth makes you emotional!  I highly recommend if you need something to give you perspective. And, sunscreen, you probably need it! You see that burn I'm working on? Ay yaye yaye!
I had some more cute kid pics but could not have time to get internet approval from my non social media friendly cousins with my Game of Thrones/have not been home/need to meal plan/jury duty schedule. But you get the gist.  It was a usual relaxing, beautiful beach weekend!

Hope your weeks are filled with fun ! It is a short one for me, I am heading out of town again this weekend.  This time for adventures in the mountains of North Carolina for my birthday!  I am getting to that age where I hate saying how old I will be, eek!  How was your weekend?

Happy Cooking!


May 20, 2016

Five for Friday-Vacation season!

Hello, Hi, How are you?  Happy Friday!  It has been a long week and I hope everyone's weekend is just as long!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites and Tif for High five for Friday!


I am going to the beach this weekend!  My cousins were going and invited me to tag along.  I AM SO EXCITED!  We are heading to their family condo in Orange Beach, AL.  I hope we have good weather!


My boss is leaving and we had a lovely happy hour for her last night at Cellar Door.  Her replacement is my work bestie, how lucky am I? We sure are going to miss the boss as she moves on to bigger and better things!


I only had to go to one day of Jury Duty this week!  Let's hope the same thing happens next week and I only have to go Monday.  This week turned into a crazy work week and next week is short (Vacation!) and busy.


Behold the power of the hot toddy.  I reported about its effects before.  My coworker is suffering like mad from a cold and I told her to have one at night, and voila, she is feeling better!


I cheated on Pure Barre this week and went back to my old love of Body Combat since my old gym was letting my workplace go for free this week.  I went full out and paid for it the next day.  It was so good to do cardio but made me love my Pure Barre more!

Hope you had a great week! Enjoy your weekend and see you Monday!!

Happy cooking!


May 18, 2016

Jazz Fest leads to fancy comfort drunk food (Slow Cooked Brisket and Caramelized Onions)

I love Jazz Fest.  I always go to as many days as I can.  It wreaks havoc on my budget and diet as it has some of New Orleans' best food everywhere, I drink vodka that I sneak in, and then I get home and end up ordering a pizza or something equally bad.  The first weekend of Jazz Fest, my friend's husband told me he had put ribs in the crockpot slow cooker so they would have food when they got home.  I was impressed and inspired.

When I do Jazz Fest I party hard all day, get home at 8 o'clock chow down and go to bed by 9. Which means I wake up at like 5 am since I normally go to be at midnightish.  The last day of the first weekend, I decided to make my own slow cooker recipe so I could stop ordering Papa John's pizza. That, by the way, was $25 a pop!  Was I ordering wrong or has pizza gotten that expensive?

I went to Rouses at the ungodly hour of like 7 am to grocery shop.  I needed a meat.  I was craving some brisket as it was Passover time (No, I am not Jewish, it just feels right!).  I googled and found this excellent slow cooker recipe from the Kitchn.  I love brisket and caramelized onions, why the heck not!  I also decided I was just doing this to save money and not for healthy purposes so I could splurge on a side.  Which allowed me to get some Julienne Potatoes from Betty Crocker.  My mom is not where I got my cooking skills from; she loved getting things that were easy to make out of a box, I am sure you fellow 80's kids can relate!

This was so delicious.  It was even better as leftovers.  I paired it with a cabbage casserole the next week and utilized it in a taco salad as well.  It is the perfect set it, forget it and reuse it recipe.  You should make it, it would be great over rice, over egg noodles, in tacos, in enchiladas or any which way you can make it work! Full Recipe after the montage.

I cannot tell you how delicious this was.  It was well deserved after a long day of walking, dancing and drinking my way through Jazz Fest!

May 17, 2016

Low Carb and lovin' it (arugula artichoke ham wraps)

You know I am on the little to no carb lifestyle by now, I am sure.  If not, take a look around and you will see.  It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle and if you cheat, who cares, just return to being good the next meal.  Right before I wrote this post, I had dinner for my niece's birthday and had my meatballs over broccoli instead of pasta, but had oreo ice cream cake for dessert.  Did I beat myself up for that?  No way, it was delicious, worth every calorie and would never happen on the reg. And I skipped the pasta!  Her birthday was in March so you know this is an oldie but goodie!

I had pinned some ham wraps back in the Austin days when the low carb idea was a fad here and there and not a lifestyle.  It seemed great, roll up some yummy stuff in ham, my favorite deli meat, and enjoy!  I still had not tried it over two years later!

I was thinking of some easy lunches during a week when I had plans every night and not a lot of time to meal prep.  All my healthy eaters out there know that it takes a lot of work to eat healthy and a lot of planning ahead.  This was perfect for that week.  No cooking, just a little chopping and a lot of my favorite things!  I was feeling my version of "Mediterranean" and did marinated artichoke hearts, arugula and roma tomatoes.  I also had some leftover cheddar from another project so I threw that in. Try this with your favorite fillings and roll your own, it is so fun!  I popped it in the microwave for about 20 seconds to take the chill off and it was perfect! 

Not much to see here, just some of my favorite things!

May 16, 2016

Recapping the Weekend, Family reunion style!

Howdy readers!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend!  I sure did!  I started it Friday with a two hour leg and hip opening yoga class at Free to Be with a guest instructor in from Colorado.  It was amazing and I sweat like a banshee.  We did pidgeon pose on each side for about 5 minutes, literally.  It was so lovely to treat my body to such a good stretch.

I did some shopping Saturday on Magazine Street and geared up a little for summer. I stayed home Saturday night and drank wine and read a book.  I cannot remember the last time I did that.  It felt so good!

Sunday was the Young Family Reunion at my second cousin Anne's house.  It was such a pretty day. My daddy's mom's maiden name is Young so it was her side of the family.  She is one of 4 kids and they all had multiple kids and those kids had multiple kids and so on; there were so many people to see, meet and with whom to reconnect. And there was plenty of great food, my great-grandpa was a chef so you know where I get it from now!

Anne's beautiful waterfront backyard!
My plate.  I tried to keep it low carb, but I had to try my own pasta salad (it needed more dressing) and I cannot pass up my grandma's squash casserole and any time there is jambalaya!
My cute grandma supervising cornhole.  Do y'all all call it that?
Cute second cousin Pam brought sugar cookies and supplies for the kiddos to decorate cookies!
PaCalvin, my great grandpa.  He would have loved to see his legacy today!
One of the last times we had a reunion, I am guessing this was about 32 years ago judging by how old I look in the center.
You know it was well attended, this is just my grandma's family!  We were just missing 4 grandchildren, got all her kids and great grandchildren!
Family is the best!  My cousin is in from Los Angeles for an extended visit and I am looking forward to speding some quality time with her this week.  I have jury duty this week and next so that may damper that and blogging.  Wish me luck that I don't get picked for a jury!

Hope everyone is having a painless Monday!  How was your weekend?

Happy Cooking!


P.S. This is my 200th post!  Good Lord time flies!

May 13, 2016

Five for Friday, Midway through May

Happy Friday dear readers! Happy Friday the 13th This was a long week and I am so glad the weekend is here.  I have a lot of exercise and family on the agenda.  Hopefully you have some good stuff on yours! Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites!


Image courtesy of Brookstone

Have you heard of the Chili Tecnology Mattress topper?  I was complaining about how hot I am when I sleep (Window units + 90% humidity equals misery) and my friend Laura said she and her fiance tried this.  It sounds like a miracle, but a bit pricey.  Have you heard of it or tried it?


Image Courtesy of Smitten Kitchen
How freaking good do these saltine crack ice cream sandwiches look? I am totally making these for my family vacation at the beach for Fourth of July, the kids and adults alike will love them!  Pin it here! Smitten Kitchen is the best!


We are rereading She's Come Undone for "serious book club" this month.  I hadn't read it since college, and I could not remember it at all.  I have read it this week and that combined with my wonky air conditioner, roach season and stress have made me sleep less and have weird dreams.  I forgot how wonderfully a male author in Wally Lamb could speak in a damaged woman's voice! Have you read this?  It is worth a read, or reread!

That's a daiquiri.  A real one, not that weird frozen stuff!

Tony Hollums, love his stuff!
My friend Susana invited me to accompany her to a Yelp event with Where Y'Art this week at the Compere Lapin at the Old 77 hotel.  There were drinks, yelp check ins and finding my new favorite artist!  I just love my city so much. There is something for everyone!


We are having an extended Family reunion this weekend! My paternal grandmother and her three brothers and all of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are all going to be in attendance.  I am so excited to see cousins I have not seen since the 80's.  There will be sun, water, hugs and casseroles. I am making a pasta salad and bacon bourbon brownies that will appear on the blog in the future. My first cousins that live in LA and DC are coming in for it, so excited to see everyone for something other than a wedding or a funeral!

What's going on with you!?  Hope your week treated you right and your weekend treats you better!

Happy Cooking!


May 12, 2016

A very inappropriate cake (homemade white cake with flesh colored buttercream icing)

You had all my bookclub recipes last week and here is the final one.  It is dessert!  In the book we read, Eating the Cheshire Cat, one of the main characters is a "naughty baker."  As in she makes cakes like body parts for "fun" parties.  I luckily have a friend that keeps everything, and I remembered she had a penis shaped cake tin from back when we did such things for bachelorette parties.  It would be a hit at book club and go with my theme of things in the book.

I love making homemade desserts now that I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and a food blog, but I forget sometimes that I have a wonky easy bake oven that is not conducive to such endeavors.  This was one of those times when I should have just made a "regular cake".  I am also a very messy cook and you have never known that (unless you are my sister) until now.  I like to hide my flaws until I've hooked you...It's like dating!

But seriously, this recipe is easy and delicious and the perfect white cake and butter cream icing.  And if you ever wanted to know how much food coloring you needed to make perfect pasty white skin colored icing, you now do! I apologize in advance if the finished product offends you.  So don't look to the end if you know you will be.  It is a cake shaped like a dick!  Full recipe to follow.

The icing ingredients, sprinkles and food coloring optional

May 11, 2016

Dreaming of San Juan Puerto Rico like I am? Here's your guide.

A year ago I was in Puerto Rico.  I was visiting my best friend Aimee in San Juan because she is a lucky lady and gets to go there for work on their dime.  It was such a cathartic trip and so life changing. I want to go back so bad!  And you, dear reader,  get to reap the benefits, this blog and my so so much fun guide to San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Linking up with Kerri, Emily and Kate for Wanderlust Wednesdays. Click on over and see what they are up to!

Oh if I had a balcony like this I would live on it!

May 10, 2016

Rachael Ray to the rescue (caramelized onion and roasted garlic sauce with chicken sausage and shirataki noodles)

My friend Susana and I went and checked out the new Chris's Specialty Meats Store a few weekends ago in Lakeview.  It is about time something like that comes to New Orleans.  I've missed stops for boudin in Lafayette when I was driving home from Austin.  Now I don't have to go so far!  We did not find what we were looking for (foie gras) but I did find some chicken jalapeno fresh sausage that was calling my name.

I hit a week when I was broke and needed to use the things in my fridge.  I had the chicken sausage and some shiritaki noodles leftover from forgetting to put them in the paleo pho I made.  I was going to just make some sort of buffalo sauce concoction with carrots and celery, and then lo and behold I forgot that all the ingredients for it were not at the house.  I had to resort to Pinterest in a pinch.

I am a fool for caramelized onions.  I am also a fool for garlic, especially when it is roasted. Enter this Rachael Ray recipe for caramelized onion and roasted  garlic sauce with chicken or turkey sausage.  It yelled at me to make it!  I had every ingredient and it sounded amazing.  It was very delicious, but my sausage was not a match for it.  The sauce by itself was great but Italian flavored sausage is a must to meld the amazing flavors.  Rachael makes her own sausage in the original recipe. If you are feeling ambitious do that and let me know how it was!  If not,just get Italian flavored chicken or turkey sausage and you will not be disappointed.  Full recipe after the montage.

This is looking too good to be true! Although with heavy cream and butter I guess it is!

May 9, 2016

Recapping the weekend, fun times in May!

Hello lovely readers!  Hope you had a great weekend and were pampered if you are a momma, or pampered the mommas in your life.  This weather is so nice and I cannot believe it is still here! I ain't complaining. I just wish I had a porch to sit on like I had in my past three houses.  That will be changing at some point soon though!  

Friday I went over to my friend Laura's house to enjoy her beautiful back yard I helped make beautiful.  We enjoyed some wine, some snacks and made some plans for our upcoming trip to North Carolina.  I am so ready!!  Only a few more weeks!

Lillie loves her new yard!
Saturday I did platform again and kicked my ass.  I had to make room for a full day.  We  had plans to go to Kenton's for the Derby and then continue the fun after for the Magazine Street Champagne stroll.  Serious fun ensued.
They had a special menu for the Derby. 

May 6, 2016

Five for Friday Momma time!

Hey y'all!  Happy Friday!  This was my first full week at work since March (I've taken off every Friday in April!) so I am so glad Friday is here!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday faves!  This was a fun filled week and should be a fun and family filled weekend!  Let's get to it!

We had a great Delta Gamma event Monday to toast the graduating seniors and welcome them into alum life.  It was at the semi new Ace Hotel. We had planned to be on their beautiful rooftop, but that was closed.  We made do in their pretty courtyard.  The event was a success and new bonds were made!

This chandelier was so cool, made to look like dripping candle wax!
A fun toast was had!


Speaking of Delta Gamma bonds, my college friend from DG, M'liss, won favorite Plastic Surgeon by Northshore Parents magazine!  She does all kinds of things at her practice besides surgery including Botox, Xeomin and other facial rejuvenation stuff.  She recently gave me some samples of the Revision skin care line and I am hooked and plan on buying full sizes soon!  If you are in the New Orleans area check her out! 


Has anyone tried these Bay Breeze Hydrating Shots from Dry Bar?  Holy Cow it is amazing!  My sweet friend who never uses her Sephora points let me use them when we were at the store to try this.  My hair feels amazing!  I have very dry color treated hair and it felt so much better after! They are a bit out of my budget though so will only be an every now and then treat from now on.


My sweet neighbor invited me after work the other day to come pick some gardenias from her plant. They smell amazing!  Fresh flowers always brighten my mood and home.  Gardenias are one of my favorite smelling flowers, what is yours?


My friends Monica and Jeri Ann had a great Cinco de Mayo party last night!  We had tacos and Palomas and other goodies!  They also had clothing items from Cabi.  The stuff was cute, but this bargain hunter always finds them a tad too expensive.  Have you been to a Cabi party before?

That is what I had going on this week in addition to beautiful weather for Tank and the Bangas and the Soul Rebels at Wednesday at the Square. (The guy playing the guitar with his tongue out in the photo scroll on the website is my brother in law!)  They ended with my favorite, the 504 song!

What's up on your Friday?  What are your plans for the Kentucky Derby and Mother's Day?  I hope all of you mothers of kids, pups, kittys or whatever else and your mothers have a special day!

Happy Cooking!


May 4, 2016

Ladies and Bourbon and Books (Bourbon tea boozy punch)

To keep up the theme of book club recipes this week, this is yet another post without a pic of the finished product.  But I can tell you the finished product was a hit and I reused it by freezing it and turning it into a slush!

The book was a Southern one and also had a spiked punch in the first chapter.  I had to make one. This one from Garden and Gun screamed make me!  Bourbon and ladies don't always go together but in the south they do!  

This is really yummy but so dangerous!  Most people did not have more than one glass and switched to wine.  I think leaving out the cognac next time would be a good touch to cut the alcohol down and make it a punch that can last the whole day.  The slush version was a yummy drink to have on the way to a road trip wedding the next weekend.  We were all happy campers! Just stir it well and make sure to have some food!  Full recipe after the montage!

Slush and a hired driver for the win!

The cast.  I wish I had fresh grated nutmeg but couldn't find it.
This isn't true sun tea but I thought it could use some time in the window.

Super yummy in slush form!

I became frazzled setting up for book club and that is the end of the pictures.  Suffice it to say the punch led to a livelier discussion!  What is your favorite party punch?  Do you have a book club, do you drink at it?  Have a theme?  
Mississippi Punch (But I call it Louisiana Lady Punch!) Borrowed from Garden and Gun

1½ cups raw sugar
1 quart black tea
1 quart bourbon
2 cups dark rum
2 cups cognac
1½ cups fresh lemon juice
1½ quarts water
Dissolve the sugar in the tea, then combine all ingredients in a large punch bowl, add a large block of ice, and allow to chill. Grate nutmeg over top, and serve in small punch cups.
Happy Cooking!