Recapping the weekend, fun times in May!

Hello lovely readers!  Hope you had a great weekend and were pampered if you are a momma, or pampered the mommas in your life.  This weather is so nice and I cannot believe it is still here! I ain't complaining. I just wish I had a porch to sit on like I had in my past three houses.  That will be changing at some point soon though!  

Friday I went over to my friend Laura's house to enjoy her beautiful back yard I helped make beautiful.  We enjoyed some wine, some snacks and made some plans for our upcoming trip to North Carolina.  I am so ready!!  Only a few more weeks!

Lillie loves her new yard!
Saturday I did platform again and kicked my ass.  I had to make room for a full day.  We  had plans to go to Kenton's for the Derby and then continue the fun after for the Magazine Street Champagne stroll.  Serious fun ensued.
They had a special menu for the Derby. 
The obligatory mint julep.

I combined a fascinator and a beach hat for my derby look!
If you ordered a mint julep you got to draw for a horse for which to root.  If your horse won, you got a free bottle of fancy bourbon.  I picked Tom Benson's horse.             
Hey girl, hey! Interesting with the red wine vinegar to dip them in!
Fried oysters with jalapeno aioli and pickles.  I avoided the pickles. They were good!
Quite a crowd there for the race!  It was exciting, especially since we all ordered juleps and had a rooting interest!
Our foreign tourist in town visiting Dave and Jen won bourbon!  He had to fly back, so they win by default!  Too bad, John!
After that we strolled with champagne from Fairy and Basics and popped in at Pizza Domenica for some garlic knots and cauliflower (not pictured) It is the other restaurant by James Beard award winner Alon Shaya.  It is just as hard to get into!

Poked our heads into Ashley Longshore to dream

You can't trust a dude to take a good pic!  We ran into Maureen and her friend Britt at La Petit Grocery (another James Beard Award winner!) when we stopped for another glass of wine!
We decided to take our foreign tourist for some touristy food at Pascal Manales.  
I wasn't getting the signature BBQ shrimp, but I requested a bib anyway, I'm messy!
I had some delightful meatballs and red gravy.  They were so good!
Pretty much everyone else got these fancies.

Sunday morning my sweet friend Jen had yoga in the park for our group.  It was much needed!
I did not get too many pics of mother's day at my grandmother's, save for my cousin's salted caramel cupcakes.  Holy Cow!  So delicious.
We had a nice day of casseroles, family time, cousin relay races and day drinking.  I love my family! So lucky to have them!  How was your weekend?

Happy Cooking!


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