Recapping the weekend, Happy Easter!

Hello Hello!  I feel like my weekend started on Wednesday of last week, how about you?  I had a great weekend of food, friends and family, hope yours was similar!  I started off my day off Friday with an amazing Pure Barre class and headed to my pal Laura's after for a vegetarian Good Friday lunch. I apologize for the sloppiness of this post, my iPhone 5c needs to be retired and stat!

Quinoa with veggies, fresh and pickled, how yum!
We also grilled some artichokes,  You can find my method here.
She and her hubby had this big pile of dirt blocking the gate, they had planned a long weekend project of leveling the yard to put down sod
Me being the good friend I am, I helped.  I also got a very bad tan line since I wore my pure barre clothes.  #thanksfabletics
I worked up an appetite for these beauties at my parents' house with my sisters and their families.  I only wish I would have picked up some Abita Strawberry to go with them!
Saturday morning was my nieces' birthday parties at the Monkey Room.  It was a zoo! They had a blast.  I ate too many chips and pizza.
Saturday night we ate Taqueria Corona and painted Easter eggs with all the cousins...Easter egging has gotten way fancier than when I was doing it in the 80's!
I had a serious fail Sunday morning with my Hot Cross Buns.  I have bad pans, a crappy oven and ran out of powdered sugar. I threw the pans away and ordered new ones to at least fix something.
My lovely friend Jen hosted Easter brunch at her beautiful new home.  It was also her birthday!
The Greek Section with falafel, baba ganoush, hummus, pita and buffalo sauce! This woman is a girl after my heart with that buffalo sauce!
I had to take a pretty picture of my worst nightmare.  Not pictured, Adele singing "Hello"
We had birthday cake for the pretty Birthday girl!
Hope everyone had a great Easter like we did!
I tried Plated last night and am scurrying to write a post to get it up soon.  I am a crazy loon this week with work and Hogs for the Cause prep though so don't hold your breath!  Hope everyone had a fun filled weekend with people and food you love.  Back to a full food post tomorrow.

Happy Cooking!


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