Recapping the weekend Mid March

Hello everyone! Hope all had a great weekend! I sure did. Relaxing, purging, fun and food always make for a good one! It was the last before the marathon of Easter and April begin!

Saturday I did Platform again. After burning all those calories I deserved this hella delish sandwich!

That is ham, avocado and pepper co-jack on 9 grain bread with spicy sweet mustard.  I just pressed it, no butter, so not actual grilled cheese. But felt like it!

After that and some closet purging, I went to check out another Hogs for the Cause team's fundraiser. The icky weather messed it up. They had kimchi lettuce wraps, smoked Brussels sprouts and pulled pork nachos. It made me nervous! All we have are walking tacos! No food pics as we left early and did not have any.

The lighting on this did not work out, that is a whole pig on there.
Went to Barcadia Saturday night to celebrate my pal Megan and her fiancée's engagement. The life sized jenga did not disappoint!

It tumbled down shortly after this.
Most of us went to Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar after and had a serious dance party. Old school and current rap complete with music videos...we were seriously reliving the college days.  Another group came in after a wedding and made it rain bar napkins.  It was so damn fun.  I miss nights like that. No pics because that would be embarrassing!

Sunday I was chained to the backyard to practice a pork butt.  I learned a lot in my backyard Sunday...

Why are we outside mom? It's allergy season!

I smoked some ribs and they took no time at all and were hella delicious.  I put them on the grill way after I put on the pork butt.  I skipped pure barre so I could get it done early...Good thing!

These ribs were brined in bourbon, so delish!
I mean, I didn't expect to read two whole books while waiting for the butt!
Yes, I put a relatively small pork butt down at 10 am, and didn't pull it off until 8 pm, and it could have gone a little longer to tell you the truth.  I read all of Eating the Cheshire Cat, gave myself an education on Buddhism by reading Buddhist Boot Camp and I know way more about barbecue now because I played on smoking forums.  Apparently "the stall" is a thing and there's a remedy called the "Texas Crutch". I learned a lot today! I also started planning my menu for book club, it's going to be awesome!

10 hours later, it is looking good!

I missed out on Super Sunday and was jealous of my friend's posts, but I feel so much better that I had a day with my smoker before Hogs for the Cause.  We are the only all girls' team and this is the first year we have to do "real smoking" so I feel we really need to represent!

How was your weekend?  Anything fun? 

Happy Cooking!


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