August 25, 2016

Leftovers deserve a good repurposing (Brussels sprouts, sweet potato and chicken sausage saute.)

I hate throwing food away.  It makes me feel guilty.  I think about the poor starving kids in Africa (you 80's kids know what I'm talking about).  It makes me feel greedy.  It makes me feel like I am disappointing my thrifty, waste not-want not grandmother.  You get the picture.

I had some chicken sausage leftover from the gnocchi skillet I made recently.  I could not bear to throw it away, so I went to the Al Fresco website for some inspiration.  I found this recipe that contained brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.  I decided to make it more simple and cook it indoors since it is so hot and I don't have a grill anymore.  

Simple and delicious is what I like to strive for and this one is exactly that.  Salt and pepper are all I usually need to make something yummy if there is onion and garlic involved!  And this is a true one pot meal!  Make this, you will love it!

Simple and delicious!

August 24, 2016

This did lead to a steak though (Moroccan chicken burgers with carrot mint slaw)

I was craving a burger.  It happens sometimes.  When I want a burger, I want a big bad cheeseburger with lots of cheddar, crusty bread and lots of ketchup.  I just finally got rid of my Mardi Gras weight and it was not time yet to allow myself such a treat. I am not super strict on my diet all the time, but I had to be at this stage in the game.  I thought I could improvise.  Make a burger, but not a riff on that kind of burger so I would not feel deprived.  Insert my search for harissa.

I love Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus.  I get sad when I go to buy hummus and have to get a different kind.  I saw that it has harissa on top (amongst other things) and have always wanted to try it on other things.  I found some on Amazon and decided to order it and put it to good use.

I saw a recipe similar to this on Fine Cooking and it inspired me.  A chicken burger, with carrot slaw, but on a lettuce wrap?  It feels so healthy I could scream!  This is so good, kind of exotic and super easy, hardest part was grating the onions without injuring myself!  Impress your friends and family with this simple but fancy dish!  And trust it is not that spicy so that won't be the reason your picky kid won't eat it!

If you aren't little to no carb you could have this in a pita with some hummus or yogurt flavored with a dash of harissa.  I wish I would have added that actually!

August 22, 2016

Recapping the Weekend~I'm on a boat!

Hello my chickadees!  Hope your weekend was amazing!  Mine sure was! There was a lot of friends, art, drinking and fun!  Started it off Friday celebrating my pal Mel B's birthday!  We started at Urban South Brewery, where a percentage of profits were heading down to Baton Rouge for all the flood victims.  I was so happy to see a line of people wanting to give back!

Doing good in the neighborhood!!
There was a food truck with some comfort food!
And an old man jam band!
We moved to the Tchoup Yard next where the birthday girl got a dangerous Bushwacker.
I just love this place!
And I just love these girls!  I quickly left after, I had a big Saturday planned!
We went over to Slidell for a day on the water at my pal  Lizzy Lou's
Life is good on the water
Since this is a food blog I thought I'd show you our snacks.
The weather mostly held out for us!
Love these ladies!
We had lunch at the fancy (I use that term loosely) Yacht Club.
Apparently this a rampant problem.
Nothing like fried bowtie pasta to dip with!
You know I did not eat these.
We had to be snarky after seeing that sign.
I decided to be a land lubber and get a roast beef po boy.  So good!
It is a travesty that only Jeff has this shirt and not Laura as well.
It was such a fun weekend!  Hope you had a great one as well.  I need to get on the water more often, it is the best!  Linking up with Biana for weekending.

Happy Cooking!


August 19, 2016

Five For Friday-The one before the travel whirlwind

Hey y'all happy Friday!  I am linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites and Tif/Katie/ Caitlin/Della for High Five for Friday!  Hope your week was short and your weekend is long!  This is my last relaxing weekend before my whirlwind of travel that is the next few weeks.  Here we go!


My poor beloved Baton Rouge.  I spent 8 great years there in undergrad, law school and the 6 horrible months after Katrina and I cannot believe the flooding that has happened there this past week.  I donated some money and goods.  If you have the money and or the heart to help please do. Here  is a list of ways you can help!

Or get this cool shirt from my pals at Dirty Coast.  


What is your opinion on driverless cars?  I saw this article on driverless ubers becoming a thing and just totally had a thought rabbithole of crisis.  It feels so tomorrowland and sterile and i just do not like it.  One of my favorite things is cruising in my Audi in manual mode and talking to my Uber and Lyft drivers when I take one and learning some new stuff.  You can pry these things out of my cold dead hands, future!


The title of this article made me spit my water out.  Holy cow, how funny!?


I am so excited to get my Rachel Zoe Fall Box of Style!  I have been charged so the wait is on!  The hero item has been revealed, this awesome cape!

It has a value of $197 and the whole Box only costs $100! So all the other items, which are sure to be great, are free!  Have you done the Box of Style?  If you are interested, you can sign up here.  

Fun weekend ahead for me, I'll be back Monday to recap.  What are you up to?  Hope it is a great one!

Happy Cooking!


August 18, 2016

Almost Vegan Part Deux (honey garlic chickpea salad)

I'm always looking for delicious and healthy things I can cook once and eat all week for lunch.  It makes my life easier when social events pop up, I have to work late, don't feel like preparing ahead or I just don't have leftovers to take the next day.  This recipe was a winner for that requirement.    

I made this on a Sunday and expected to eat it for four days.  I ended up adding chicken to it and stretching it to five. This has a great depth of flavor with the different herbs and the tang of the red wine vinegar; which balanced so well against the sweet honey.

Make this.  Add chicken or eat it alone as an almost vegan meal.  Honey seems so vegan to me, but I guess animal byproducts are animal byproducts!  It is a great lunch and so different, you won't regret it!  Full recipe to follow the montage.

Just chock full of goodness.

August 17, 2016

Updated Comfort food (philly cheese style meatloaf with mashed cauliflower)

I'm just going to leave this here...

Yeah that looks good, huh? Philly Cheesesteak style meatloaf.  Just so delicious.  Meatloaf gets a bad rap.  It is cheap, filling and can be delicious when you do it right.  This recipe, it did it right.  I just wish I would have not been a good girl and put one more piece of cheese.

Sauteeing the onion and bell pepper gives this such a nice depth of flavor and provolone cheese is just a natural for some melty goodness on it.  I served this with mashed cauliflower and it was so reminiscent of dinners at my grandma's.  This time I steamed the cauliflower and pureed it in the blender with 1/4 cup evaporated milk.  I added a little cheese and green onions to fancy it up.

Make this meatloaf. People will love it!  I promise.  Full recipe to follow the montage.

That is a sad looking bell pepper.  I was going to use ground pita chips for breadcrumbs but that failed.  I improvised with just adding some flour.  It worked!

August 15, 2016

Recapping the Weekend-Relaxing and ready

Hey everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend!  I sure did!  Linking up with Biana for weekending.  

Friday was happy hour then a night at home, well my home away from home, I was housesitting.  In a gourmet kitchen!  It was delightful.  I watched a lot of Diners Drive ins and Dives since they had cable and used their new and clean guest bathtub!

Widespread Panic Pandora for the win!
The pups and I had some porch time after that.  Felt like fall for five minutes!
Saturday was a day full or errands and nieces.  Kate came over and played fetch with Harper.  They love each other!  Harper was not a fan of kids until she met the dog whisperer, my godchild!
Then I made Stephen Gurley gravy for these fools.
We dug in mom's jewelry and scarf graveyard and had a tea party.
And had Aunt Missy's famous mug brownies for dessert! Love sisters!
Had a chopped challenged breakfast challenge Sunday.  I missed it.  So fun to play chopped in a former chef's kitchen that has so many fun plates.
After pure barre, I did a blow out  after shampooing with my Shea Moisture coconut water samples in my Vox Box.  Loved it, my hair is so touchable and soft after!
I had a modified buffalo chicken salad for lunch, delish!
I got an adult coloring book at Target too!  I loved it!

Went to dinner at an old fave Dick and Jenny's Sunday night, but no pics, I know, who am I?  I can say it was very delicious, duck was really good, pork cheeks were even better.  
Low key is what I needed because busy, travelling, football me is a-coming soon! How was your weekend?  Have a great week!

Happy Cooking!


August 12, 2016

Five For Friday

Hey y'all happy Friday!  I am linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites and Tif/Katie/ Caitlin/Della for High Five for Friday!  Hope your week was short and your weekend is long! Here we go!


I got my most recent Influenster box!  It is a refresh box and contains protein powder from the Vitamin Shoppe with a blender bottle, some coconut water shampoo and conditioner, some compostable Keurig pods, and Snackwells biscuit thins.  So far I have tried the Kauai Coffee  and I really liked it and the Snackwells and I did not like them.  It had a fake coffee flavor that turned me off, very bitter.  Trying out the other stuff this weekend, check my instagram and snapchat (username: missyquiggs) for more reviews!

Thanks Influenster!


I am just loving the Olympics!  I wish they didn't last so late though!  It has been messing with my usual get up and go to Pure Barre at 6 am! It is a great distraction from Sh!tshow 2016, and all the other not fun stuff on the news.   I am also loving all the fun on Snapchat!



My friends and I were talking about the Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breakup on our trip last weekend.  I did not realize that was her singing "you" in this song.  I could not get enough of it before and no I am obsessed!


The roommate and I cleaned out the pantry and consolidated some stuff.  My project for next week? Upgrading some ramen noodles, have any suggestions for what I should put in there?


I saw this article about Fried Chicken and now I have to have some soon.  I cannot decide if I should just make it or go somewhere new and try some.  When's the last time you had fried chicken?  It's been too long for me!

Okay so it has only been two months.  So what?!  This was at High Hat on Freret Street.  That is pimento mac and cheese.  Yes it was good, not that you had to ask!
I have a low key weekend planned full of house sitting for friends and babysitting my super cute nieces, but you never know with my weekends!  What are you up to?  Have a great weekend!

Happy Cooking!


August 10, 2016

Following directions is not my strong suit (gnocchi, tomato and chicken sausage skillet)

I love an easy almost one pot meal.  Less dishes!  Even though I have a dishwasher now, it still is a pain to do the dishes.  Just not my favorite chore.  And I like chores!  

I received this recipe in a Kitchn email, which is usually one of my favorite resources for fun recipes. It was an email containing summer recipes and this one for a gnocchi skillet with tomatoes and chicken sausage jumped out at me.  It sounded delicious!

I have not had gnocchi in ages, actually not at home since I made my own many moons ago.  I decided to go with whole wheat and sweet potato gnocchi to make it feel a little healthier.  I didn't read the directions carefully forgot to cut the tomatoes in half so that made this hard to eat, make sure you don't skip that step!

This is just about one pot, super quick, and easy.  I made this, photographed it, ate it and cleaned up, then my roommate looked up from her studying and said, "what the heck did you just make?  It was so fast!"  You definitely need to try this.  Full recipe to follow the montage.

Doesn't that just look divine?  I had to add a little cheese.

August 9, 2016

Need I say more? (Garlicky spicy roasted broccoli)

I love my emails from the Kitchn.  They always have a yummy dish, a great kitchen tip or a fabulous kitchen to share.  I got an email from them recently sharing a week of hearty dinners from the freezer. This was right up my alley as I was purging and moving! I saw this recipe for Garlicky Roasted Broccoli and it was calling my name.  I love garlic.  And I love roasted broccoli.  I had to make it!

This was simply delicious.  So easy too.  Perfect alongside any protein.  Also this would be great with other roasted veggies and some white beans for a vegetarian meal!  I served it with a simple grilled chicken breast and I wanted more!  Make this some time, you will not regret it! Full recipe to follow the montage! And welcome back to the old house and worse lighting.

This is a weird photo, but in a good way.  

August 8, 2016

Recapping the weekend- Girls, pool, popcorn and wine!

Happy Monday morning y'all!  Hope you had a fine weekend!  I sure did!  My three best friends from high school and I celebrated 23 years of friendship and the end of summer with a weekend away at the Harrah's Casino and Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi.  It was a much needed vacay for those three who have been home with their kids all summer.  And I am always up for fun!  Let's recap the good times! Linking up with Biana for Weekending

Toni and I got there first,  we have been friends even longer, 30 years next year! We decided to get some pool time in first.  Find my monogrammed visor here.
SkinnyPop* has new pairings with wine.  I was so intrigued.  My friends and I love SkinnyPop but I had never thought of pairing it with wine!  

It is so fun!  Pairing a no guilt snack to make you feel better about your wine habit!

Since we were all Pinot Noir lovers and White Cheddar fans I decided to pair that.  But this weekend when I am watching the Olympics, I plan on pairing Sea Salt and Pepper with Malbec! 
We all got to the room which had a lovely view of the pool!
We all caught up on our gossip and the Hills in such a classy way!
 After that we showered up and went down to dinner at my friend Kelly's restaurant, Magnolia House by Kelly English.  We ran into some familiar characters, my parents!

Aren't they all so cute!?
After my dad snapped this photo, he secretly picked up our tab.  Thanks mom and dad!
The picky eater to my left did not appreciate the touch of the full anchovy in her Caesar salad. I thought it was cool.  But I am a food nerd.
She and I went old school and got filets and baked potato, so good!
Lindsay got the crab cakes,  She loved them.  Toni got the fish and loved it too,  my camera did not shoot it well.
Our parting gift.  So yummy, a nice, super moist  brownie.

Saturday morning we had massages and spent some time in the steam room and hot tub at the Bellissimo Spa to sweat out all of our wine.  It was so relaxing.  We recapped funny moments from past trips and follies.  

Then it was pool time for some excellent people watching.
We had a lovely cabana for the afternoon.  Unfortunately it was next to some rowdy people celebrating JoJo's birthday.  They were highly entertaining and a bit annoying. Sorry if you are a reader  of the blog, Jojo and friends, but you were!
There were daiquiris for some
And various mixed drinks in the Yetis.  Find my decal here.
I could not help but have a bite, haven't had one of these since college!
I got to watch HGTV!  Kristina is pregnant? I miss my shows!
We worked up a real appetite with all of our sweating, drinking and swimming so we ventured out for Mexican food, all of our favorite cuisine.  

Cheese dip is life.
The restaurant had a wall of water, we had to take a selfie!
It was a fabulous weekend and we resolved to make this weekend always ours so that we wouldn't wait another four years for a fun short trip.  I am so lucky to have these ladies in my life for so long.  Girl time is the best!   

Hope you had just as much fun the last time you visited with friends!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Some yummy stuff to come this week!

Happy Cooking!  

*I was not compensated by SkinnyPop.  All words and opinions are my own.  I promise.