Recapping the Weekend-Relaxing and ready

Hey everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend!  I sure did!  Linking up with Biana for weekending.  

Friday was happy hour then a night at home, well my home away from home, I was housesitting.  In a gourmet kitchen!  It was delightful.  I watched a lot of Diners Drive ins and Dives since they had cable and used their new and clean guest bathtub!

Widespread Panic Pandora for the win!
The pups and I had some porch time after that.  Felt like fall for five minutes!
Saturday was a day full or errands and nieces.  Kate came over and played fetch with Harper.  They love each other!  Harper was not a fan of kids until she met the dog whisperer, my godchild!
Then I made Stephen Gurley gravy for these fools.
We dug in mom's jewelry and scarf graveyard and had a tea party.
And had Aunt Missy's famous mug brownies for dessert! Love sisters!
Had a chopped challenged breakfast challenge Sunday.  I missed it.  So fun to play chopped in a former chef's kitchen that has so many fun plates.
After pure barre, I did a blow out  after shampooing with my Shea Moisture coconut water samples in my Vox Box.  Loved it, my hair is so touchable and soft after!
I had a modified buffalo chicken salad for lunch, delish!
I got an adult coloring book at Target too!  I loved it!

Went to dinner at an old fave Dick and Jenny's Sunday night, but no pics, I know, who am I?  I can say it was very delicious, duck was really good, pork cheeks were even better.  
Low key is what I needed because busy, travelling, football me is a-coming soon! How was your weekend?  Have a great week!

Happy Cooking!


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