Sometimes I even create recipes at restaurants! (buffalo chicken garden salad)

There are a lot of new restaurants popping up around work these days as we are a hotbed of construction in downtown New Orelans.  We can never decide which one to try sometimes, and then end up at our default place, Walk on's.  They are not known for their gourmet delicacies but we make it work.  What they are known for is their waitresses in skimpy outfits and awesome happy hour. Who can pass up 2 for one beers?

I used to go a lot in college and law school at the original location near LSU's campus.  That was when I could eat whatever I wanted without a care and would go post game tailgate and take advantage of their cheap drinks.  Now I am a mid-thirties lady who is watching her figure and fried food intake and can't drink draft beer all the time.  The first time I went again at the location right down the street from work I struggled to find something to eat as I was new into the little to carb lifestyle.

I decided to make my own modifications to what they have.  As you may have noticed, I love Buffalo flavored things.  They have a BBQ chicken salad on the menu.  And they have buffalo wings and tenders.  I decided to ask if I could have a buffalo chicken salad instead.  Barbecue sauces are usually loaded with sugar and buffalo sauce is not.  They also put some tortilla strips on top that add a nice crunch, but serve no nutritional purpose except to add fat and calories that  I asked to leave out.  The result was so delicious I have my coworkers ordering it too!  I feel like they should probably put it on the menu ;)

I made some baked chicken tenders and had some leftover so I decided to recreate my created salad at home for lunch!  It seemed easy to do and it was.  This salad is a bit spicy, feel free to leave out the jalapenos if this is too spicy for you.  The new Bolthouse farms Salsa Verde avocado dressing is my new favorite.  It is made with yogurt, so it is healthier, and it tastes delicious! They did not pay me to say that, I just really enjoy it! I heated up the chicken before making the salad at work and I had a lot of gawkers come by and ask me what the fabulous smell was! Full recipe after the montage.

The cast.  I left out the avocado as it was leftover from something else and already at work!

Took 6 shots to get these tomatoes right!  They are in their container for transport to work.
Hello, jalapeno.  I finally know how to spell you. And finally learned to take my contacts out before I cut you!
These little buds have really grown on me the last couple of years.  And you can regrow them!
Fresh grated cheddar is my jam!
These chicken tenders were so good! Chop em up to re purpose!
Add your buffalo sauce and cover.
Shake it around like you would a shake weight.
Bag up your greens.  All ready for the next day!
And plate it all out, looks so delicious!
Buffalo Chicken Salad (Inspired by my modifications to Walk on's BBQ Chicken Salad) Serves 2

Small clam shell of spring mix
1/2 lb of chicken tenders cooked to your preference or leftover chicken
1/4 cup of buffalo wing sauce or more to taste
1 jalapeno, sliced
2 roma tomatoes, chopped
1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 avocado, chopped
3 green onions, sliced
1/4 cup ranch dressing (I strongly suggest the dressing I mentioned, it's so good)

Toss chicken with buffalo sauce and heat in microwave for 30-40 seconds.  Toss with rest of ingredients and serve.

Happy Eating!


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