Recapping the Festivities of St. Patty's celebrations! (And a trip to Peche)

Hello Everyone, welcome to a new week.  Hope all my readers had fabulous weekends! It was a whirlwind as usual but loved every minute of it!

Friday I got to eat at the fabulous James Beard award winning Peche.  It was delicious and made up for the last time I went there and did not enjoy it. I apologize for the crappy photos, my iphone needs some upgrading!  I also neglected to snap a photo of the raw tuna with blood orange and mint which was so good! I also did not smap my snazzy after dinner drink, a bit of Creole Shrubb.  It was great!

This was the special.  Cobia collar with pickled red onions and a smoky sauce.
So flaky, light and yummy.
You know I had to get the fried Brussels Sprouts with chili vinegar!
Since I make so many cauliflower subs the cauliflower cake was in order.
Salted caramel cake with caramel buttercream.  Delicious as usual #youhadmeatsaltedcaramel
Saturday was Delta Gamma Founders Day.  We had a delicious luncheon and I waited until dessert to snap a pic to be polite.  The fire alarm went off towards the end and pandemonium ensued.  The outgoing president sure handed off the gavel to me with a bang!   
The desert was as delicious as it was beautiful!  
I've always wanted a gavel!
Went out after and spotted my friend wearing this fabulous shirt for the festivities!
Sunday family time for the suburban St. Patrick's Day parade.  We celebrated my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary!  They are such role models and wonderful people.  It was so good to see the extended family!

King cake is appropriate year round!  Especially to celebrate this!
On their wedding day in 1951.
And being silly and awesome 65 years later!
They usually hand out flowers...Since I was the only eligible Quigley girl, this guy put some undies on me.  Even my grandma had a giggle.
I came home and attempted to smoke some meat for Hogs for the Cause practice.  It took a long time to get the fire going and to bring all my supplies outside but in the end it was sooo worth it.  We are going to do so much better in the meat department this year!
As a former Texan, I can appreciate a smoke ring!
It was a great weekend but now back to the grind.  I will be showcasing a cook once and eat twice recipe and a weeknight comfort dish you will be sure to love.  In real life, my cooking is all over the place as I bought too much and there aren't enough days!  How was your weekend? What are you cooking this week?

Happy Cooking!


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