Hello, Monday, how about a beach recap?

Hello my sweet peas!  How are ya?  Hope you had a weekend that held what you were looking for!  I had a great weekend with my extended family at the beach. It started, though, with a trip to the French Quarter for a send off lunch for my now former boss. We went to Sobou (a great spot if you are heading to New Orleans) and ran into my friend Sam who works for the family that owns Sobou, Commander's Palace and Cafe Adelaide.  She was so sweet and sent us some extra goodies!  My boss had a great send off and we had a great time!

Holy Cow!  Sweet Potato Beignets with foie gras fondue, duck debris & chicory coffee ganache yum!
I got the Aji chicken.  It is not on the online menu.  It is fried chicken, street corn with cracklin dust, pineapple spike cole slaw and some other fun stuff.  Again, holy cow!

I was wondering how to eat it.  Apparently you are not supposed to eat the corn like this!
I blew that popsicle stand and headed to my Aunt and Uncle's beach condo.  Ah, heaven.  I usually don't get to go until 4th of July so this was a special treat.  I had some extra time with my cousin and her two kids in from Los Angeles too.  What a treat!

They don't face the gulf, but who cares, prefect view!
The kids played this game.  What do you call this?
I was sporting my Feathered Nest Boutique custom Lilly Pulitzer patch visor.  Thanks, Christina for the info on it!
We had a fun fun dinner at the Gulf with the kiddos! This place is awesome and must bathe in money! Good food, great drinks, awesome view and open for kiddos to run!
That blue moon though, out of control beautiful.  #Imayhavecriedatthebeautyofit
That cry may have been due to reading this book all weekend.  Man, personal growth makes you emotional!  I highly recommend if you need something to give you perspective. And, sunscreen, you probably need it! You see that burn I'm working on? Ay yaye yaye!
I had some more cute kid pics but could not have time to get internet approval from my non social media friendly cousins with my Game of Thrones/have not been home/need to meal plan/jury duty schedule. But you get the gist.  It was a usual relaxing, beautiful beach weekend!

Hope your weeks are filled with fun ! It is a short one for me, I am heading out of town again this weekend.  This time for adventures in the mountains of North Carolina for my birthday!  I am getting to that age where I hate saying how old I will be, eek!  How was your weekend?

Happy Cooking!


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