A family reunion conundrum leads to carbs (veggie packed pasta salad)

I had my family reunion a few weeks back.  We were instructed to bring a fully cooked dish that would not need to be reheated or kept at a certain temperature.  I immediately thought, pasta salad.  I had not made one in awhile, and I had a Pinterest board full of them.  I could not decide which fancy one to make so I decided to go a more traditional route.  

This would be great with some chicken added, or even some salami or other Italian cured meat.  Or shrimp if you are so inclined.  It is the perfect summer side and would be a perfect meal with a protein addition.  You can customize this with your own favorite veggies and pasta shape.  I chose the cute crawfish shaped ones my old and better Rouses had and they were such a great conversation piece! Full recipe to follow the montage.

All ready to serve!
The cast.  I made my own dressing.  I do not remember exactly how I made it.  I will try to recreate below. Maybe...
Pretty carrots, do good for your eyes!
I mean I had to buy this crawfish pasta, right?
Beautiful bell peppers, making me wish it was christmas in June! #100degreez
Cool down that cute and yummy pasta
The only reason the radishes are in here is because I had them leftover.  Hope that doesn't hurt their feelings too much!
Choppin broccoli! I hope some of you were born when that came out!  
Fancy tomatoes!  They are adding to make this colorful!
I made this ahead, so I mixed all the veggies and stored.
Asiago for you, Asiago for me, Asiago for all!
Mix it all up!
Add dressing and cheese and profit!

Veggie packed Pasta Salad

1 pound of shaped pasta (like bow tie, spirals etc)
1 small head of broccoli chopped
1 red bell pepper chopped
1 green pepper chopped
5 radishes chopped
3 carrots chopped
1 crate of cherry tomatoes, quartered
1 cup (or less or more)Italian dressing of your choice
5 ounces of shredded Asiago cheese

Cook pasta according to directions on package.  Drain and cool. Add the pasta, veggies, salad dressing and cheese to a large bowl.  Toss to combine well.  Let the flavors meld for at least a half hour prior to serving.

Happy Cooking!


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