Recapping the weekend, June in full swing!

Hello all!  Hope you had a smashing weekend!  It was supposed to rain all weekend and really didn't here except at night.  A bunch of stuff was cancelled or postponed.  Wonky wifi ruined my Sunday afternoon but I got it up and running just in time to catch Game of Thrones!  Let's get into the recap!

I had a meeting Friday morning in the French Quarter.  I did not want to head back to work!

My future roommate and I Jen went to a Garden Happy Hour at Whole Foods Friday evening.  It was benefitting a summer camp for underprivileged children and was a part of the Eat Local Challenge I am participating in this month.

Simple yummy ingredients
Make a simple yummy drink!
We toured the garden and learned about the healing power of herbs.
I loved the sign!
I bought some honey from the cute man selling it.
They had some appetizers set out that were local and fresh.

They were showing the Big Lebowski on the roof.  I lol'ed at the sign.
Since the rain hit, teh appetizers were not filling and the movie was cancelled, and since we were in a non familiar part of town, we decided to hit up a neighborhood favorite, Katie's.  She had never been and I hadn't been since before Katrina.  It did not disappoint.  We decided to get some stuff to share.

Charbroiled oysters and a salad.
Sausage, roasted red pepper, red onion and goat cheese pizza, mmm!

Saturday I went to Platform class with my sister and hung out with her family a bit and then headed to Hollygrove Market for a box of local produce.  I got some good stuff and can't wait to share some new recipes with my haul soon!
Squash, mint, strawberries, lettuce (I added that for $2) corn, potatoes, beets, creole tomato, bell peppers, wax beans, jalapenos, blueberries and cucumber.  Not a bad deal for $25, all produced locally and organically. I also got some pork and beef and am set for the week!

I froze the berries on a greased cookie sheet for my smoothies!
Saturday night was our inaugural "Chain Gang" dinner.  Some friends and I that grew up in the suburbs on chain restaurants decided to do this to test our now fancy taste buds since we live in, arguably, the gastromic capital of America.  Having been lucky to study in the gastromic capital of France, Lyon, I think we deserve it!

We went to the Cheesecake Factory, which is new to the suburbs here and a place I have never been.  The menu stressed me out so I let the others order the apps and then went with a simple pasta because I was kind of skeptical and have a fancy palate.  I was pleasantly surprised at everything, even the gaudy interior.  

Buffalo Blast Appetizer.  Holy cow.  Chicken, cheese and Buffalo Sauce stuffed in a wonton wrapper and deep fried. This was so up my alley and also made me full already.
I got the Crusted Romano Chicken with Pasta in a light tomato sauce.  Surprisingly delicious.  Also fed me three times!
The gang after our meal.  We all have doggie bags, man they give you some food!

Sunday I played with my new Blush Vox Box.  I am loving the Micellar make-up removing wipes and Secret Clinical Strength deodorant in the lovely lavender fragrance.  I was going to wash my hair to try the Pantene but I am getting my hair did this week and didn't want to do a double hair wash #dontjudgemydryhair.  This one was geared for wedding season.  I am at the age where wedding season is no longer a thing, but I can use these products for real summer life!
Thanks Influenster!
This week should be a good one with cooking some yummy produce and a super fun work event.  What did you get into?  Hope you had a good one!

Happy Cooking!


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