Five For Friday-Last week before traveling!

Hello everyone!  Happy Friday!  It was a long week that started with those tragedies in Orlando.  I still cannot believe it.  Feeling for all of the citizens and the parents of the little boy. I am heading to Orlando next week for Delta Gamma Convention and I intend to find a way I can "Do Good" while I'm there, any suggestions?! Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites and Tif/Katie/Caitlin/Della for High Five for Friday  Here we go!


Blogger Swap!  Thanks to Meg over at Borrowed Heaven I participated in a blogger swap!  We got matched up with another blogger and sent each other a pair of flip flops and nail polish.  I matched up with another Louisiana girl, Jen, from Marathons and Dogtags.  It was so fun to "meet" another blogger and connect with her!


Wednesday, we had the June Birthdays (and me) Dinner at Mopho.  It was making a new memory for me as I had a really bad time the last time I went there a little over a year ago. You long time readers and real life friends can deduce why.  And boy did I make a great new one.  We had a blast and some yummy times, man that place is delicious! I did not capture the whole meal but will do a recap post soon. We have all been friends together for 10 years, some longer, some lesser, but this group is a rock for each other, always!  We missed the missing.


I cannot wait to make this next week!  Slow cooker enchilada quinoa sounds so delicious.  I am technically cheating on the eat local challenge by making this, but I need a cheap crock pot meal with my schedule, budget (bar dues are due!) and short week.  This looks so yummy right?!


I love good food.  I love local produce, layered flavors, and fine dining.  I also love Taco Bell.  It's a sickness.  I have not had it in awhile but these double stacked tacos with the Doritos shells  are going to be seriously on my radar when they go national.  But only when I am drunk...maybe.


As the political season is ramping up now that we have our nominees, my inner political science and history nerd (I was a double major in that until my daddy told me to get one that had a career attached to it, harumph) starts reading some awesome political blogs and following election coverage because I love explaining things like the electoral college, why DC has a representative but not really, hence their license plates, and how Puerto Rico and Guam get to vote in the primaries but not in the general election to my less nerdy family.  

What I don't like during this time is Facebook.  It becomes a shit show.  I live in a geographic area that does not match my politics.  I can tolerate sane discussions/arguments (hello, I am a lawyer) but what I can't handle is petty untruths being peddled and retold and people getting personal about their political leanings. It's just silly.  I hated it last time and I did something about it. I want to do it again.

Therefore for the second presidential election in a row, I am taking a no politics pledge on social media.  I am old and set in my ways and so are my friends and family that are opposite of me.  We have become more and more polarized as a nation and I think that is so bad and what is causing gridlock, violence and lies and people regionalizing.  So I will be keeping Facebook about my puppy and nieces and nephew and vacation and football and my instagram about the fun places I happen upon from now until the election and will not to be polarized. Together we can all make a difference! Who is with me?

Well that's all I have.  Hope y'all have a great weekend! Let me know, what are you up to? I'll be back Monday with a recap of mine. Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there!

Happy Cooking!


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