Recapping the Weekend-Jazz fest weekend one!

Hi friends!  I have been in my usual whirlwind so I am doing a recap on a Tuesday.  I have been playing catch up and this is part of it.

If you have never been to Jazz Fest, you should really put it on your bucket list.  You don't have to like jazz or music festivals to appreciate it.  The food, culture and people watching is worth the price of admission!  

My sister and her best friend and their hubbies always come the first Friday.  It is their favorite day of the year.  They also have three kids each so that explains it!  The music on first Friday was not our favorite but the company and food did not disappoint!

Our first steps into the fest!  

We wore our Fest Friends Forever shirts

My brother in law made a lot of friends who wanted to know more about this contraption
Harry Connick Jr. was cute, but disappointing.

Saturday I went with my pal Laura
Crawfish enchiladas!
Rebirth Brass Band was amazing as usual.
Usher and the Roots were awesome!

Sunday we had some really awful weather pass through and the start was delayed.  I did some pre fest yoga and then Gentleman Caller and my friend and her hubby came over to wait out the storm.  We were productive!  

We put together my cute little retro smoker!

We walked to Parkway to have po boys and bad fries
They had Backpack rose in a can.  It came with a free koozie!
We finally made it to the fest!
Tom Petty was stoned out his mind I think, but the show was awesome!  We saw Elle King as well.

Someone enjoyed their first Jazz Fest!  And I was happy to show it to him!
It starts up again Thursday!  I am going every day this year since I live two blocks away.  I thought I would have a day to myself but I have a companion or several for every day!

Have you been to Jazz Fest?  Do you love music festivals?  Is jazz Fest on your list?

Happy Cooking!


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