Jazz Fest Weekend Two Part Two

Well since this was a hard week to get back to reality, instead of Five for Friday, I will give you more Jazz Fest recap.  And since it is my favorite fest, let's link up with Amanda for Friday favorites!

Saturday was the Kentucky Derby and my sweet friend Kim, who is famously #blessedatthefest snuck in all the fixins for mint juleps!  

She has koozies and pins too with her hashtag on it.  It's not religious, this lady went through a lot at the same time I did and we are so much better for it!

She also dressed like she was at the derby.  I missed that memo!

The weather was just amazing,  We were so lucky!

Some new food for you, crabmeat beignet!  I did not try it as I was a tinch hungover and seafood was not appealing to me.

These little ladies had a great time dancing to a brass band.  Made me want to bring my Katey Kakes out there!

We set up at Stevie Wonder.  I got bored.  He started way too slow.  Plus I had someone else to see...
Snoop Dog!  I went by myself and regret nothing.  He was so awesome and played everything.

We made some random friends from Kansas City who asked if that was crawfish.  They ate a bunch and next thing you know I brought out the bourbon and we all started following each other on social media.  I love porch parties!
SUNDAY.  The sad last day.  But I needed to get back to reality.

We got up and did yoga outdoors with Nola Tribe.  I needed my Namaste. 
Then we headed for the fest.  This year the Cultural Spotlight was on Cuba.  I want to visit so bad and this made the itch worse!  They had excellent Cuban food that I gobbled down so fast there were no pics!

The music was just insane!

We moved over to catch some Kings of Leon. That lead singer is some good looking!
But then I headed to the Fais Do Do stage to see a band on my bucket list, Dawes.  I had an emotional experience watching them, I laughed, I sang, I cried.  They are really amazing.

Caught up with one of my high school besties after for the Meters.
While at the street party after I found Gentleman Caller.  He had to get more Jazz Fest!

The fest besties and I celebrated the end of a successful Jazz Fest on the porch with rose.
Y'all it was just amazing.  The food, the music, the people watching, the porch parties.  I hope that you one day get to it, and sit on my porch for crawfish!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend full of all the things I enjoyed last weekend.  And happy Mothers Day to all the mommas out there whether human, fur or hopeful.  I hope the people and animals in your life show you how much they appreciate you. And you do the same who deserve it from you!

Happy Cooking!


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