Recapping the Weekend! No sleep in General!I

Hello Hello!  Hope all of my dear readers had a fantastic weekend!I sure did as usual.  The weather was just straight up gorgeous this weekend.  A little chilly, but calm and clear.  I did not spend nearly enough time outside.  Linking up with Biana for Weekending.  Here we go!

Friday night was a fun night with my Katey Kakes.  We had her favorite, Stephen Gurley Gravy.  She ate three bowls, and had dessert!  We also picked the numbers for my Sweet Swine of Mine Superbowl pool, had a spa bath (she was introduced to the world of bath pillows, bath drink holders and pumice stones) and played a mean game of battle.  It was so fun!  She is at such a cute age and I am loving it!

Her third bowl and picking the numbers.
Saturday morning she woke up at an hour I had not seen since college when I did those early morning bootcamps when I turned 30.   That girl was ready for her beignets!  We headed over to City Park to get some and play at the playground.
A happy girl.  Aunt Missy was even happier to have cafe au lait!

I took her to Target since we were up so early, as I promised I would let my very pregnant sister sleep late. I got my errands done and Kate and her sissy got treats from the dollar spot.

I dropped her off and continued my errands and my quest for a perfect picture to turn into my assignment for photography class.  I practiced on the contents of my Hollygrove Market Box.  

Clockwise from bottom left: Lettuce, turnips, micro greens, collards, 1/2 dozen eggs, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, blood oranges, corn tortillas, buffalo onion dip and a sweet potato.  All for $31 including tax!  What a healthy steal!
Sunday I went to the NOLA Home Show with the work besties.  It was underwhelming.  We went to Tacos and Beer after, that was not underwhelming.

I do want this look for my house...
But what more could one want than tacos and beer?

Sunday evening was Book Club!  We read Hillbilly Elegy.  It was an interesting read and not what I expected.  We had a very lively discussion as we are all from different places, backgrounds and cultures.  I recommend it for the discussion for sure, in addition it really is a good read. Very thought provoking!

Our redneck spread from our different necks of the woods. We discovered hillbilly was the midwest's equivalent to the redneck found in the south.  Even our friends from California, born and raised reminisced. #weareallinthistogether
Swiss Cake rolls and oatmeal pies?! Yes please! Such great memories of my slightly hillbilly redneck culture. 
Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  What did you do?  have you read the book?

Happy Cooking!


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