Recapping the weekend, getting ready for a good year.

Hello my dear readers!  Welcome to a new week that is a full one. It was hard to get back to reality last week but having a low key weekend this weekend helped to be better prepared for this week. Hope you had a great one!  Linking up with Biana for weekending.  Let's get into it!

Friday was 12th Night, aka the Epiphany, aka king's day, aka the end of Christmas and start of Carnival, aka Mardi Gras! 

We had some yummy king cake at work to celebrate!
I took down all the Christmas decorations, made some homemade pizza and relaxed.  This is a montage of relaxation:
It was so cold I was so glad I did not leave the house!
Saturday I went to pure barre and decided to skip errands for another day at home.  I did an all day project...authentic cassoulet.  I quit before the regular time because I was hungry!  I watched the Crown and cannot wait to finish the season!  So good!

Worth the effort for sure.  Post to come!

Sunday we had book club brunch,  we were good and tried not to be a shit show like we can sometimes be.  That worked for some people...

But three of us took it to the bar after to Bayou Wine Garden.  Wow my hair is getting dark...
It was such a great productive weekend and I am ready to tackle the new year!  Hope you all had great ones! What was your highlight?

Happy Cooking!


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