five for friday-Lets talk live music

Happy Friday my friends!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.  This has been a long week and I am ready for a weekend!  I have been spending a little too much money lately on entertainment and I am about to spend some more because...


I am ready to buy my Brass Pass!  Today is Jazz Fest Lineup Announcement day!  I am buying the Brass Pass (all days every day) no matter the lineup since I live less than three blocks away and can come and go as I please.  Aka, pee without a line and drink the good stuff!  I have not missed a Jazz Fest since my first one in 1997.  20 years!!!

Me and some of my favorite fest buddies last year!
I bought a lot of other tickets this week.  I need to start eating ramen and hope my jeans fit! Here they are in date order.  If 2016 was the year of travel, 2017 is shaping up to be the year of music so far!


I am sooo excited to see Ryan Adams.  I love all of his songs, including the Taylor Swift cover album.  His version of Bad Blood was my jam for awhile in 2015.  But while while I love all of his songs, my favorite by far is "To Be Young."  I call it my Friday Song, because that is what it exactly was on Fridays in Law School.  It still makes me think of beer and dancing at the Polytech House. Such good memories.  I cannot wait!



Um, hello bucket list!  I am going to Radiohead!  I have loved them since, well I don't remember when that started. But I haven't really listened to a good bit of their music since their insanely awesome 2007 In Rainbows album.  I hope they play the old stuff. This makes me feel old as I type it.  One of my favorite songs of theirs is definitely Electioneering.  Which is one of my favorite words.  My office is a polling place for early voting and that word is everywhere when it is that time. This song feels fitting for these times...



I cannot believe I get to see The Pixies!  I did not think they would get back together!  I loved them in high school back when I was cool and dyed my hair weird colors, wore Doc Martens and subscribed to Sassy magazine. Yes I am old.  I was reunited with my love of them through a short lived romance about 10 years ago and have been dying to see them ever since.  I will on May 3rd!  I love a lot of their songs but I loved when Apple used this one for their commercials because I always thought it was about something taboo and they probably did not.  



My niece Kate is sleeping over tonight!  I am making Steven Gurley gravy (her favorite thing I make) and we will make a new dessert together.  (That girl loves dessert!) I cannot wait to make memories with her!!

Hope your week went well and you have a perfect weekend ahead!  Stay warm everywhere, I think all of us but the very tip of Florida are "cold" this weekend.

Happy Cooking!


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