Five for Friday-Meh

Happy Friday my happy campers!  This week was a doozy and ending that way.  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.  Let's get into it!


Year of No update.  I said no to three things this week.  But said yes to two.  Well, hoping to say yes to the second...


Because I am clicking refresh nonstop to buy me and the gentleman caller Radiohead tickets this morning as we speak, wish me luck!  I hate Ticketmaster! I am so excited!


I had dinner with my momma last night!  We had some yummy Mexican food and fun times!

 I can't wait to play with these ladies!

I heading to a Baby shower for my friend Jacque this weekend! I am so excited to see all my girls and to shower baby to be.  I secretly hope it is a girl so we can train her to be a second generation Sweet Swine of Mine girl!


Has your facebook been filled with people doing the "This is what I will look like in the future!" thing?  It is so creepy, or is it just me?

I hope you had a great week and a wonderful weekend!  Sorry for the slight political rant.  It won't happen again!

Happy Cooking!


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