Bucket List Trip Recap Part 2! Milwaukee is a hidden gem.

Hello everyone!  This is a short week for me so no recipes, just recaps!  This one is all Milwaukee.  If you have not been there, GO!  But only in the summer.  I am sure it is not fun when it is negative one degrees outside!  We decided to spend the majority of our trip there because Chicago is always an option for travel, when the hell else would we go to Milwaukee?  I will tell you, I hope I go back!

Let's pick up the trip with the Sunday after the game that sucked...Oh and sorry, it is pic intensive.

They go hand in hand!
Started off the day with the Historic Third Ward Art Festival.  It was so cute!
Then we headed to the Milwaukee Public Market for lunch.  
It's like a bigger St. Roch Market for you local people.  So many fun booths!
I got the roast beef with caramelized onions.  I subbed Muenster for blue cheese.  It was a good choice.  
We dashed off to Miller brewing for a tour and were too late.  It was still impressive!
We went to the Mitchell Domes instead.  In related news, only one of the three was open ;(
But I did get to see this beautiful orchid.  It looked like pearls!
It was beautiful, but we needed more action...
So we went to Estabrook Beer Garden!  But we checked out this right next door first.  Reminded me of my last trip with my travel companion!
I mean.  This place was so cute y'all!
And then it got cuter when the old man German jam band came out!
And, as if we didn't do enough for the day, we walked on down to Atwater Park.
Lake Michigan was so gorgeous.  And so cold already! But the day was beautiful!
Everyone else put their name.  This person made my day.
Then we headed back, freshened up and went to dinner at the funly (is that a word?) named Merriment Social with our favorite Lyft driver Dana.
I had to get the Brussels Sprouts with pie crust. It was amazing.
Baked Ranch Cheese Curds.  I am just going to leave that there.
We finished with the suckling pig tacos. So much food.  So much fun.  Loved the place!
Sunday it was time for some baseball at Miller Park!
Just another gorgeous day.
We sat with Jimmy and his extended family.  It was Jimmy's 90th birthday!
I ate the best sports food ever.  Buffalo chicken waffle cheese fries.  Jeans, please fit next week!
The cubs were running away with it so we went on to the Lakefront Brewery, widely regarded as the best brewery tour in the city.
The Beer Hall made me think of Texas.
You can just roll up in your boat.  So nice!
The tour was fun, they love their friends.
And I love mine!
We had to go back on the river one last time for sunset.
And then we finished it off with drinks on the roof of the Journeyman Hotel watching the Ole Miss game.  In true weekend fashion, they lost too.  It was time to go home!
All in all it was such a fabulous trip.  Milwaukee was a great hostess and I hope you go visit her!

Happy Cooking!


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