It's Friday! I have something different today!

Hey y'all!  I am linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites and Tif/Katie/ Caitlin/Della for High Five for Friday! It was a long week and I am recapping my Chain Gang dinner at Red Lobster for this post since life is crazy, football and politics have me angry and work has been hectic.

For explanation, my friends and I all grew up in the suburbs and now we all live in, arguably, the gastronomic capital of the United States with literally hundreds of non-chain, gourmet restaurants in walking distance of our homes.  We were having a nostalgic conversation about cheddar bay biscuits and quesadilla explosion salads one day at 1000 figs which is delicious and definitely not a chain.  We decided to start a dinner club that would revisit all of our childhood haunts.  It is a hit, we regularly have 14 attendees, which usually overwhelms the restaurant.

This installment was Red Lobster.  It was my first time.  Enjoy. I feel like that lady from Grand Forks!

Our Hostess made a specialty drink for the pre dinner meetup, a Red Lobster!
I could not bring myself to pick a lobster!
They know how to pour a glass of wine, all of them were to the top.
This drink was $6?!?
These biscuits are so good.  And are so bad for you.  I could taste the "butter".
Y'all know I didn't eat this!  My friend Annie said it was pretty good!
I did get the ranch salad!  That reminded me of childhood and college at Outback!
I got the crab legs.  They were pretty good, I do have to say.
Across the way got the seafood bake.  Tres fancy!
My companion got the popcorn shrimp, she did not wax nostalgic about it.

Overall it was good times with good friends, and a lot cheaper than a usual night out.  But I may not return to the Lobster again.  Where should we go on our next chain adventure?  I am leaning to Buffalo Wild Wings but give me suggestions?  I know, we are silly!

Other than that I have plans for eating in some non chain restaurants will a full review of one of them after this weekend and enjoying a new football coach of my beloved LSU tigers for the first time since I actually lived in Baton Rouge.  Cannot wait to do all that with some "fall weather" finally here!  What are you up to?  Hope you have a great one!

Happy Cooking!  


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