Recapping the weekend-Fun and productive

Hey y'all!  Happy Monday!  This will be a short week for me because I leave Friday morning for Mexico City!  I did a ton of cooking this weekend but that is not all I did!  Linking up with Biana for weekending and Lindsay et al for Hello Monday.  Here we go! 

Friday was the pub crawl for my friend Laura's 40th.  We were home by midnight!  This is 40!

Most of the krewe at Molly's at the Market
Our second most popular costumers...
I made this beautiful montage for her of some of her finest moments in our 20's and 30's
Kavanaughty and the notorious RBG's were our most popular costumers, of course!
Saturday I gave my middle sister and her husband a day off and stayed with her 3 daughters for 12 hours.  Am I a great aunt or what?  I invited Gentleman Caller and his boys over because when you have three kids, you may as well make it five.  And the neighborhood kids came over too, so uh, make it 7!  They had a blast playing in the beautiful weather. I made pumpkin spice bread, cilantro chicken potstickers, lunch for me and the girls and dinner for the whole group.  I was exhausted at the end of all that!  

How cute is my little Ruby!  She is 20 months already, time please stop!
I made a smorgasbord for dinner,  There were also chicken nuggets, I refrained.
Still had room for mug brownies after!  Abby always gets more on her face than in her mouth!  
Sunday I went to much needed yoga.  I have noticed some severe soreness lately,  my body is aging so fast these days.  We did a lot of leg and hip stretches over the hour and I could have used more!

My brother in law's best friend makes these, aren't they cute?
I made southwest eggrolls and wonton soup after for double duty of a blogger challenge and the office halloween party and lunch this week respectively.  All kinds of new content for the blog when I get around to editing and drafting!!

It was a great weekend and I got so emotional about it after yoga.  I got on the interstate and saw the skyline from the ramp and teared up because I am exactly where I need to be as I drag nearer to the end of my 30's.  We don't always end up where we want, but we definitely end up where we need to be, if we accept it.  Deep thoughts on a Monday!

How was your weekend?  I hope it was filled with people and things you love! 

Happy Cooking!


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