Friday Favorites-The Christmas Season begins

Hey friends!  Happy Friday!  This was a long week and I am so glad it is over!  Just about finished my Christmas shopping and it feels so good!

I have a lot on tap for this weekend and am feeling a little overwhelmed.  Starting off tonight celebrating my only nephew's 9th birthday.  Elliott is such a cutie!

How cute is this story?  When I went to Puerto Rico a few years ago, I sat on the plane with a couple that had a similar story.  They told me the story of how they found each other and reunited many years after the war and were then happily married.  This was right around the time Kevin and I broke up and the husband asked me why he hadn't proposed to me yet. It made me cry my eyes out because we were almost done.  Now I'm so glad we have our reuniting story to tell when we are older too!

I am going to take my 1000th Pure Barre class this coming week!  I started it my journey with Pure Barre in January of 2015.  It has been my constant in the crazy years that followed.  I have never looked better (since college, of course) and cannot believe how hard it still is!  If you haven't tried it, you should!  I lost two inches in my lower abs after 10 classes and it has stuck!

My last t shirt I earned last July.  Car wrecks, surgery and life made it a long journey to 1000!

After Christmas is over, Mardi Gras season starts!  I am returning to the Endymion Extravaganza this year and recently purchased this dress for quite the steal.  I hope it fits!

Well that is all I have.  Wish me luck at Audi today with my recall.  That car is full of trouble, but it is paid off so last pretty car, last!

What is on tap for your weekend?  Hope it is a good one!

Happy Cooking!


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