Recapping the Weekend-Thanksgiving, but more importantly 12 and Jeaux!

Howdy friends!  Hope you had a lovely Turkey day with your family and/or friends.  I sure did!  It was a nice 5 days off with my old/new boo and seeing people I hadn't seen in years.  And it was full of victory for my Tigers and Saints!  Woot, we are off to ATL to play for the SEC Championship for the first time in awhile.  I wish I could go, but budget and duty calls!  Let's get into the recap!

I spent Wednesday evening in Baton Rouge adding to the dollar bill art at the Bald Eagle.  I should have put class of 2005 too to show off my multiple LSU diplomas!
We drove over to Abbeville to have Thanksgiving with Kevin's family.  I had not seen them in four years so it was a nice reunion.  We had a lot of wine, a lot of laughs, and cheered on the Saints.  Oh, and there was food!
Fried Turkey, so good!

My plate of goodness.  I made the Brussles Sprouts, they were so good, and of course I didn't write down how I did them, boo!
We drove back to Baton Rouge Friday and had a lazy day and then went and helped set up the tailgate.  It was so fun to see how everything gets set up, I had not done that before!

Ready to go!  Well, kind of!
Saturday we started out with coffee at Brew Ha Ha! and then headed out to campus.  It was threatening to be a nasty day but it did not get too hot or rain!

We know how to make tailgate food in South Louisiana!
We met up with Kevin's brother and his wife.  So good to see them! 
We found a very spirited and flaired out Tiger fan!

Chance of rain?  NEVER! 
Tradition never gets old!
12 and 0!   I was so proud of how many people stayed to cheer on the seniors.
I headed back home early to beat traffic.  I was happy not to be driving the other way, it was madness!  I went to my parents' house for lunch and to take their Christmas card photos.  

I love these little monkeys!  
I picked up my trees at Whole Foods after that and got to decorating.  It was a productive day!
Big tree is all decorated!

So is little tree with my corn husk ornaments from Mexico City

I got my mantle all dolled up too.  Those stockings are from when we lived together many moons ago, glad I kept them!
It was a lovely holiday and now comes the holiday rush.  I am looking at my calendar and budget and kind of freaking out, but it will all be fun!  I also caught up on prepping some blog posts so I hope to be bringing you some yummy goodness on the reg.

How was your holiday?  Hope it was grand!

Happy Cooking!


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