Five For Friday, back to the grind!

Man this week has been a killer!  Getting back to work this week was hard enough and it was such a busy week there,  and I had plans every night except last night.  So much for the year of no!  Linking up with the fabulous Amanda for Friday Favorites.  Here we go!


Our last book club was so long ago!

I have my fabulous Book Club this weekend!  We finally are getting around to discussing Crazy Rich Asians.  My other, more serious book club already discussed over Singapore Slings, but this debaucherous one is not having them this time because we are all trying to be good in 2017. Apparently we all overdid the holidays.  We have never not had a wild meeting...we shall see.


I went to see LA LA LAND Wednesday! It was so good!  It reminded me of an old movie, in a good way.  It was beautifully shot, not too "musical-ly"  Back when I had cable and more free time on my hands I used to love 30 days of Oscar and watch all the old movies.  This made me want to watch Casablanca again!


Did anyone catch the special on the Menendez Brothers last night on ABC?  I was like 9 when all of that went down so it was something I always knew of, but never really knew about.  It was so fascinating.  Catch it if you can.  I am going to go on a Wikipedia rabbit hole about it now!


This is the last King Cake I had at work last year.  Guess I need to bring one!

Today is the feast of the Epiphany which means it is the official start of Carnival (Mardi Gras) season and King Cake time!  I will be taking down Christmas and putting up Mardi Gras this weekend.  And hopefully having a little king cake.  It is a marathon, not a sprint living here in New Orleans!


This post about making your life a place you like to be is so spot on.  I struggled with that until I flipped my script and moved to Austin and it has been such a joy to be alive ever since no matter what happens.  Life does not always hand us bowls of cherries (this I know well) and when you make your life a great place to be, when the lemons come, the lemonade comes easier!  If you aren't following Chelsea you should, she is a little ray of sunshine on the internet!

This is a low key weekend besides book club!  That never happens!  What do you have going on?  Hope this Friday flies by!

Happy Cooking!


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