Recapping the weekend, football bender

Hi friends, a little late posting today due to some logistics and Blogger app issues.  It was quite the weekend.  I need a break, but now the move starts, I cannot wait!  Hope y'all had fabulous weekends full of fabulous weather! I tried to document the weekend but I was kind of bad with my photos, here we go!

I started my Saturday at soccer to see my oldest niece play.  She scored two goals!

Then my pal Mel B. and I reunited for a football trip to Baton Rouge to see LSU play Ole Miss. While our trip to Wisconsin can probably never be topped, we had a great time and ended with a victory unlike when we traveled to Lambeau!
This guy only breaks out this stunning Starter jacket once a season,  This was the game.  
The eight o'clock kick off was a bit late but beautiful!
As an avid recycler, I loved this!
We got there just in time for the pregame. It is a sight to behold.
They gave the East Side of the stadium some love at halftime, that is why it is upside down.  Love the Mike the Tiger!
We went to the Chimes after for a victory drink to wait out traffic.  Great music and everyone was in a great mood.  This season is really turning out well!

Sunday was coed book club (the men were invited to keep us tame) at my friend Kimberly's beautiful home.  She went all out.  We read The After Party and The Girl on the Train so there was lots of alcohol just like the books.
Just look at this bloody Mary!  That is homemade smoked redfish dip next to it.  So good!
Her husband made this amazing pork.  He sous vide the pork for 24 hours and then smoked it. 
This is the money muscle,  It is so good.
We face timed with our member who has moved away and Kimberly brought out her mink to get us in the After Party mood.
Best Book Club ever!

It was a blast and I hope the guys had fun too.  The Saints game was on so they had that.  it was just like a junior high dance, the guys were on one side and the girls on the other.  How was your weekend?  Hope it was fun!  have a great week!

Happy cooking!


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