Five For Friday

Happy Friday y'all!  Linking up with Amanda for a Friday post!  It has been a great week and should be an even better weekend!  Here we go!


So,  I am a crazy LSU fan as you all know, and I am lucky to have THREE diplomas from LSU! What you may not know is that I went to the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) my freshman year of college.  I switched to LSU after because I made a bad choice for me.  Anyway, USM and LSU are playing this weekend!  I, of course want LSU to win, but it is fun to have two schools I went to playing each other!

And also R.I.P. to sweet Mike the VI, our live tiger mascot who lost his battle with cancer.  So glad they are honoring him this week!


My sweet friend Amanda of a Brownie World wrote a post introducing me this week.  It was so sweet of her and I feel so honored! Go check it out please, and check out her hilarious blog!  We are kindred spirits with our sense of humor, love of working out and avoidance of carbs!

I got to see my oldest niece play bounceball for the first time yesterday.  Bounceball, for the uninitiated, is volleyball, but letting the ball bounce before you hit it.  In the 6 year old league, there are no rules and therefore it is hilarious!  It was her last game of the season.  They, of course, all got trophies!

This was the gym where her mom and I first played too!
UGH politics.  It is killing me this year.  And I usually love such things, I am a poly sci nerd.  This number is left blank for your safety.


I have some fun plans this weekend that I cannot share right now, but will have a full recap on Monday, I promise.  I know, I hate when people are cryptic like that too, but I promise you will see why on Monday. I mean it!

What are you up to this weekend? What were your highs for the week?  Lemme know! Have a great one!

Happy Cooking!


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