Recapping the weekend-No football, no problems

Hey friends!  How are ya!  Hope you had fabulous fall weekends!  Hope all my east coast friends are fine after Hurricane Matthew.  Both my college and NFL team did not play this weekend, which has not happened in forever.  Lucky for me, as I had a lot to do.  Because I am moving, again!  I know, didn't I just move?  I found the most amazing rental house by chance and it checked every box on my list, including a hard location that never has rentals open.  I knew I would need my own place at some point again and could not pass it up, so I pulled the trigger.  At least I won't be moving in July this time!  Let's get to the weekend!

Friday I got my hair did.  It was not as dramatic as I thought it was going to be, but I love it!
I then had a lovely evening of wine, billiards and conversation with some new friends.  There was an awesome crab dip I meant to get the recipe for and forgot :(
Saturday I went and checked out Gentilly Fest.  It was lovely, but so hot!  Had some BBQ and fun times at a non crowded fest, which never happens!
How funny would my four pounds of fury look in one of these?
Saturday night I had a night with my nieces.  We went a different route than usual, we tried to reinvent Jen's chocolate mice instead of making mug brownies.  They were a disaster to make with a 3 and 6 year old, but tasted so good!

I love making food with my girls!
They didn't look spectacular but they tasted good!
We had a mean game of frog darts.  Then I lost at Monopoly Jr. and Go Fish.  What a night! 
I made myself a yummy welcome here fall salad Sunday.  Brussels sprouts, green apple, carrots, craisins, almonds and chicken, yum!
Lots of packing happened in advance of the move.  I am really excited about the new house and having my own place again that is not a basement!

How was your weekend?  Hope it was grand! More yummy food to come tomorrow!

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