Five for Friday-Football in person at odd hours

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  It has been a long week and I am ready for the weekend!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday favorites.  Here we go!


I am heading to Baton Rouge this weekend for my DG reunion!  It has been 20 years since we all pledged Delta Gamma, man time flies!  We are going to the football game, that was rudely set at 11 am.  No time to tailgate.  I am excited to hang with my friends I see all the time of course, but also, some of these ladies I have not seen since 2000.  Yes, 17 years!  It is going to be a rip roaring good time!

We pledged in 1997 but I did not pledge at LSU.  They took me in from USM like I was family!  


This is a sad effect of the Shooting in Texas that I never even thought of and a lovely profile of the people of that town working hard to bury the victims. I traveled to many small towns in Texas for work when I lived there and met so many people like the ones in this story, good salt of the earth people.  It is crazy that this small town is having to deal with this kind of logistics; burying almost double the amount of people that die of natural causes in one year.


Um how ridiculous is this Tiffany everyday objects section?  I mean seriously, if you have that much money to burn I could give you better suggestions. Like buy me some real Tiffany! Here was my most egregious, what is yours?


I got a steal on a case of red wine from Bright Cellars  for Thanksgiving.  My family is coming in town from Ohio and we love our red wine.  I love their service, they really have great wines, match you to ones you will love and it is cheap!  If you haven't tried them, you really should!


I have not been having time to do weekend recaps lately.  Like last weekend.  I did not take any pics of my Friday night since I rode my bike to see my niece play soccer.  I did not take any pics of the LSU Bama party since we were so intently watching the game.  But I did get some cute pics at the Saints game!  We went in the suite with my sweet friend and her hubby, no better way to watch a butt whuppin' by the NFC South first place team!

Love this lady and Happy 15th anniversary to her and her hubby!

Me and my handsome man.
We ate and drank like royalty and the Saints won big, it was a wonderful way to cap off the weekend. And now look, here is another one!  What are you up to?  Any big plans?  Maybe I'll see you here with a recap Monday, but you can always follow me on Instagram for all the fun!

Happy Cooking!


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