Five for Friday-Time for more football!

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  It is going to be a football filled weekend for me after none last weekend and I am excited.  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.  Here we go!


I went over to my middle sisters's house this week to hang with her kids and specifically with my baby girl Ruby as I will be single momming it with her in a few weeks while the rest of the family heads to Disney.  I am a tiny bit nervous as I am not a mom and she is a baby, but I've got this!  She sure loves the necklace Gentleman Caller gave me for my birthday!

My sweet Ruby Ann!


While I was at her house we were planning our Thanksgiving menu!  I am so excited already.  Our Ohio family is coming in town and we will have 16 adults at my sisters and a few kiddos.  It will be full of new traditions, including me not making mac n cheese for the first time in 10 years!  I will still be making Sweet Potato Casserole, returning to the Junior League cookbook for Spinach Madeline and trying my hand at Pecan Pie for the first time ever!  Have you started your planning yet?  Good gracious this year has flown!


How cute was the proposal after the Astros won the world series?    I was listening to Mike and Mike the next morning and found out that jumbotron proposals are not free and the fee varies from stadium to stadium.  Who knew?  I wonder if the Dodgers are going to send Correa a $2500 bill? Do you know anyone who has had a stadium proposal?  


My Hogs for the Cause team, Sweet Swine of Mine (Do me a favor and like our page please!) has a fundraiser for the LSU Alabama game this Saturday Night.  Please wish my Tigers some luck on keeping the beatdown to a dull roar.  All the more reason for the attendees to drown their sorrows a run up their bar tabs as we get 20% for our fight against pediatric brain cancer!  


I still think happiness really does start with you, but this article rang true for me as to why I moved home from Austin.  I had a great job, got to travel and see new places and lived in the only other city I am probably willing to call home.  Plus I had Central Market, a beautiful lake to run 8 minute miles next to and a Nordstrom!  But man I was lonely, even though my best friend lived there.  

I remember one Sunday I was so sad because the first person I talked to all weekend was the person at the liquor store when I went to buy champagne for brunch!  I realized I need my support system in order to be my true happy self!  Loneliness is an epidemic in this day and age of being lost in our phones and Netflix.  If you think someone you know is lonely, reach out to them this weekend and show them you care.  It may just mean the world to them!

Well then there you have it!  I hope your week was short and your weekend is nice and long and full of whatever you want.  See you next week with a recap of the fun, and more food.  

Happy Cooking!


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