Five for Friday-Turkey Time!

Hi friends.  Happy Friday!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites, here we go!


I just never have time for weekend recaps anymore, Sundays are so hectic.  I will give a little recap now of the just amazing time I had with my Delta Gamma pledge sisters in Baton Rouge last weekend!  We had so much fun!  We rented an Air BnB near campus for the weekend.  We visited our old bars, went to the game and the Delta Gamma house.  How has it been 20 years since we got to college?

Friday night shenanigans at our old stomping grounds, the "Greek Institution," Bogie's.
I am glad we did not stick around until 2 am to see if they still played It's a Great Day to Be Alive for the last song.  We did have frozen screwdrivers though.  The still use Sunny D!
Geaux Tigers! We won the game!
We weren't sure if this was legal or not...oh well!
We trekked over to the DG house after and saw how nice it was after all the renovations.  We had a few pairs of roommates on hand to pose for pics in their old rooms, but I had to pose alone since my forever roomie is in Austin. Or China for work this week, I think.  Same difference in my mind!

Miss you Aim! 210 forever!
So fancy in 1999.  I am not sure how I got my hair that neat!
Posing in front of the house on the famous anchor.


Thanksgiving is next week!  I am so excited to see my Ohio family.   And eat!  I am making some of my traditional favorites.  What are yours?  Here are some from this here old blog:

Sweet Potato Casserole

Mac N Cheese

Twice Cooked Cabbage


It has been an exciting week here in New Orleans wondering if Serena Williams' wedding was happening.  And it was last night! My friends and I were gossiping about restaurants and places being secretive to try and hide it.  I do some work with her trainer's wife, so I will have to ask her all about it when I see her!  There was a security detail outside a house on my way home from work and rumor has it she was staying there! 


I found this article about nannies and instagram very fascinating for someone with no skin in the game.  And the first paragraph made me giggle.


I am getting the hang of single mom life with my sweet Ruby!  It is quite a difference to care for another human when you are used to being by yourself.  Day care drop off in the burbs changes the morning, I couldn't get her carrier out of the car and my commute tripled!  I am happy to have some extra qt with her when I am not working this weekend. 

Well have a spectacular weekend friends!  Hope you enjoy some beautiful weather, people and food!

Happy Cooking!


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