Christmas Ornament Swap and a weekend recap

I was so happy to participate in the Christmas Ornament Swap hosted by, among others, my real life (since we have hung out twice in person) friend Danielle from Sparkles and Lattes.  I got matched up with Karyn, who lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two sons and pup.  She does not have a blog, so I can't link to her, but she should start one!  

On Friday night, I had a night in and decided to wrap presents, enjoy a bath and read a book.  I had a knock at the door at a bit late for a visitor and opened it to find a package from Anthropologie.  I was shocked as I didn't order something from them and got excited.  Turned out it was my ornament from Karyn!

It was the cutest crawfish ornament!  It is so sparkly and cute and I loved the name of it so much!

It went right on my tree and it looks fabulous!

Saturday I ran a bunch of errands, finished my Christmas shopping and had lunch with my Parents.  Saturday night we went to a surprise 40th birthday party for my sister's brother in law.  The only pic I got was of my delightful produce box from Hollygrove Market! I got a sneak peek at their new event space too!

All that for $25!
On Sunday I spent the entire day in the kitchen making up some fun things I will be showing you soon.  Then we had our book club gift exchange.  It was a lovely time with some lovely ladies!

We had festive sparkling cranberry cocktails!
It was such a productive weekend and the ornament in the mail really made it extra special!  I am linking up with the ladies hosting, check them out if you have the time! Also linking up with Biana for weekending.

Happy Cooking!


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