Recapping the weekend-Christmas Season Fun!

Hey Y'all!  Happy Tuesday!  Since I linked up with the Blended Blog yesterday and actually had time to do a weekend recap, here's a recap on Tuesday!  Linking up with Biana for weekending.

I went to dinner with my sisters and cousins Friday night at Curio.  It was delicious, a full post will be dedicated to that since we enjoyed it so much.  We went to the Roosevelt after for a lobby pic and a Sazerac at the Sazerac Bar.    It was such a fun night to catch up since we did not spend Thanksgiving together.  

Such a beautiful lobby.  I love these ladies!
Saturday I dragged my friend Laura to Pure Barre Empower.  As a thank you, I took her shopping with me on Magazine Street. It was so fun and I picked up a lot of great gifts!
A lot of the shops had Mimosas and treats!  So fun!
We went to see our pals at Del Fuego after.  They are the #1 fans of Sweet Swine of Mine and we love repaying them by buying tacos and margaritas!

Queso fundido, yes please!
Saturday night Gentleman Caller and I had a date night.  We decided to go to the lovely Mariza since they are closing at the end of the month.  We love the place, although I am happy that the lovely Nina Compton will be opening a place there!

I was so enamored with my date and the food I didn't take a pic until after I took a bite of the pizza!
We went to Treo after for a nightcap.
I woke up super sore from Empower (like couldn't walk sore; getting old is so fun!) So I decided to walk over to Bayou Beer Garden for a free yoga class.  It was one of the best decisions of the year!

Namaste indeed.  I felt like a million dollars.
I cleaned the house and decorated after that.  I cleaned more than I bargained for, my trash can had an incident!

Ugh!  I cleaned the can so well though you could eat off of it!
I got my mantle all spiffy.
And my discounted tree all dressed too!
It was a great mix of fun, qt with my great friend, date night and productivity.  If only they could all be unplanned like this and turn out this way!  Hope yours was great as well!

Happy Cooking!


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