Five for Friday- December already?!

Hi friends!  Happy Friday.  This week felt way longer that it should have!  Linking up with the almost a momma Amanda for Friday Favorites.  I cannot wait to "meet" her little man!


I neglected to do a full Thanksgiving recap, so here is just a family photo.  I was so happy to see my mom's side of the family for a holiday for once!  My aunt and one cousin (and boyfriend) came in from Cincinnati, another cousin (and boyfriend) traveled from Los Angeles and one from Baton Rouge (and boyfriend).  It was such a fun long family weekend!

This took several takes until I decided to get off manual mode.  Kids make it hard!

Now that Matt Lauer has been fired, I just cannot believe how many men are going down due to sexual harassment/assault.  Not because I can't believe they did it, just that it is actually happening finally.  As a woman who has been treated differently at work, been harassed by exes and sadly, assaulted once, I know it is all too real and can happen anywhere.  One firing that felt odd was knowing that there will be no more "Writer's Almanac" on NPR to be had since Garrison Keillor is gone.  That is always my signal I am late to work!


I have no plans on Saturday or Sunday this week for the first time in a long time and for the only time this month.  I plan on Christmasing up my house, I am so behind!  I would usually cook something big too on weekends like this...remember Cassoulet?  I need to think of something, give me ideas?


I am going to dinner with my sisters and local cousins on my Dad's side tonight at Curio.  I have been wanting to try it so bad!  We are going to lobby hop after and look at Christmas decorations!  In related news, I love all the weird New Orleans Holiday traditions!


I love the Art of Charm podcast and listened to one this week with AJ Jacobs about his new book, It's All Relative, Adventures up and Down the World's Family Tree.  It was so fascinating learning about genealogy and his other favorite topics and made me want to try 23 and Me.  Have any of you tried it?

Well there you have it!  Hope you have a nice start to your Holidays and do something ypu love with people you love!  Stay warm, cool or dry wherever you are!

Happy Cooking!


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