Friday Favorites-Shortest week ever!

Hi friends, how are you?  Happy Friday! This was a three day work week for me and it has flown by.  Thanks again for the birthday love!  Happy 40th Birthday today to my best pal Toni who is celebrating at the beach that lucky girl.

Speaking of birthday love, having some more today.  My sweet friends organized a happy hour for my various groups of friends after work today.  I'm so silly, I am insisting to bring some food to my own party.  It is because I have too much produce for one person!

OMG, we are finally getting an ALDI! It was beyond exciting when we got a Trader Joe's a few years ago and this is even more exciting.  Worth the trip across the river!  Y'all will have to help me and tell me your favorites!

I am having an overnight babysit for my middle sister's three girls this weekend.  It is her and my brother in law's anniversary and I am giving them a night and day off.  I am so glad my parents have a pool now, because that is what we will be doing!  

My three angels supporting me at Hog for the Cause!
On Sunday, Sweet Swine O' Mine, my Hogs for the Cause team is having Puppies and Yoga!  Doing yoga with rescue puppies and raising money is so easy and wonderful!  I hope the weather cooperates, we are overdue for rain.  It has been so hot!  

What are your plans for the weekend?  Let me know!  Whatever they are, I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Happy Cooking!


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