Five for Friday Jazzfest time of year!

Hello my dears!  Happy Friday!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday favorites.

I am off work today because I am going to Jazz Fest all weekend! I am so excited for the weekend of fun!  My highlights to see this weekend are Steely Dan, Pearl Jam and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Crossing the first and third off my live music bucket list.  I have seen Pearl Jam many times and they never disappoint.  And I am looking forward to the food!

Some friends and I the last time Pearl Jam played in 2010.  Ouch to those sunburns!


I hate that it was because of a funeral but I loved all my family time with my out of town cousins I do not get to see enough.  We all went to Pure Barre together this week. It was all of their first time and had to pose with our patient teacher for a photo.
My sister and I sandwich sweet Michele the instructor up front, cousins and aunt up top.

I posted about my hunt for white jean shorts last week.  I decided to get these boyfriend style ones and size down to get them tight like I want.  They were perfect! Tight, but not too tight and just the right length!


I can't stop listening to Taylor Swift.  It is a problem.  That's all.


I still can't believe Prince died.  He seemed so young.  I couldn't get Kiss out of my head yesterday when I heard that he passed away.  Or that scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts sang it in the bathtub.  Does this make me old?

Hope y'all all have great weekends! See you Monday!

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