Five For Friday! Jazzfest Weekend two!

Happy Friday readers!  Welcome to the end of the week!  It was a short one for me as I had a half day yesterday to go to Jazz Fest and I am off today to do the same!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday favorites!


As I said more Jazz Fest.  Yesterday was a great locals Thursday with a lot of walking around, if only the weather would have cooperated. It rained so hard! Gary Clark, Jr. was awesome as well as Tedeschi Trucks. But Flo rida stole the show!  Such great festival acts!  The crowds were small and much better than last weekend.  Hopefully today is more of the same.  Camping out at the Gentilly Stage to see one of my favorite bands, My Morning Jacket!  If you don't know them, here is a sample of one of my favorites of theirs:


My kickball team is undefeated and in first place in the league.  This is probably because I skipped the last two games ;)  Our team name is Jim and the Holograms, and we are, truly outrageous!
Missing from picture?  ME!


My pals and I went to Instruments a Comin' this past week at Tipitina's.  My sweet friend Maureen that lives around the corner hosted us for crawfish and Jambalaya too! It was a fun time for all!
Sophie B. Wright battled hard with the other school.  I didn't catch their names.
Get in my belly!  They even put sweet potatoes in there!

Some lovely Delta Gammas and I attended the Greater New Orleans Alumnae Panhellenic Dinner this week at the beautiful Southern Yacht Club.  The guest speaker was the Mayor of Gretna, Belinda Constant.  She is a sorority woman too and a lover of historic architecture like  I am!  She was a great speaker. Women in traditionally male roles are so inspiring.  It was a fun time!

Delta Gamma officers

My friend Courtney and I apparently did not have enough fun so we went to Parlay's after for ladies night like the old days.  $5 all you can drink 9pm to midnight?!  What a steal!

I have decided to sell my Audi.  I love it so much; but I bought it in a much better financial situation when I was cohabiting and it just is not in the budget anymore.  I am going to get a nice used non-luxury sedan instead.  Any suggestions? 

p.s. I got called a bitch on the internet for the first time ever!  Score!  It was for my review of Blue Apron yesterday.  Check it out if you haven't! Hope y'all have great weekends!  What is going on with you?

Happy Cooking!


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