Recap of life lately...its been crazy!

Hello my dear readers.  Life has been so chaotic of late that I did not have time to properly be a blogger of late! Single motherhood, a death in the family, family in town and work has gotten in the way of my two favorite things, Pure Barre and My Shitty Kitchen.  I found a few minutes here and there to recap a little of what has been going on.  Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and prayers regarding my grandpa's passing.  He will truly be missed.  

I started off my single mom'ing last Thursday with a french braid for school!  Kate was so excited.  I had to work late so their sweet grandma picked them up to help me out. 

Friday we had time to go on a bike ride after school and play around the neighborhood.

Aunt Missy's famous mug brownies had to make an appearance!
Saturday we had soccer.  They lost, but sure looked cool wearing face paint!
Then we had a rousing game of princessopoly since it was a rainy day.
It cleared up enough to let them play for a little while before they went for a sleepover at grandma's
Aunt Missy got a night out to celebrate Miss Megan's wedding at the Abita Brewery
Sunday the Ohio portion of my family came into town and we got some Acme Oysterhouse.  Love my cousins and I do not see them enough!
I can't get behind raw oysters, must to the charbroiled!
Had some crawfish with all of (except for baby sissy who was sick and a working other one) cousins Last night.  My poor dad, we are a female centric, loud and wine loving group, he will need a vacation soon!
But we were doing it all in celebration of our favorite deceased people!

Back to the food tomorrow, this week has been a lot and I am already ready for the weekend!
Happy Cooking (And hug your people, please!)


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