Recapping the Weekend- Hogs for the Cause!

Hello friends!  Happy Monday!  As you know it was Hogs for the Cause this weekend!  As a whole we raised over a MILLION DOLLARS for families suffering with pediatric brain cancer.  We are not sure of our individual team total but we came in 19th of 92 teams.  Not bad for a bunch of ladies with no corporate sponsor!  We did not come in top 10 for any food categories but there are professional chefs and pitmasters out there.  This lawyer and part time foodie cannot compete!

We had a blast, barely slept, had too much pork and and just enough beer from Nola Brewing.  I cannot put it all into words and pictures but here I try.

Our sweet little tent.  We had so much fun with the men of the Boar's Nest we will never not set up next to them.  They literally won the party category and we certainly helped!
This nerdy little lawyer was trying to be safe and remove tripping hazards!

We rubbed some butts

And then went to see DJ Jubilee and Partners in Crime at the Deuce Pigalo Pork Gigolo tent.

Going in the smoker!

Laura and I slept out with the smoker.  We had some issues with our smoker but the meat was fine

Porkpourri entry!

Our staple for the masses, a Zapp's pulled pork pie.

My niece got to play on the bullhorn as per tradition!

Such a great weekend.

Our captains went up to accept our fundraising prize...Champagne!

Love these ladies and can't wait until next year!

We shut down the Boar's Nest after to celebrate!
If you ever get the chance to come, it is a blast!  And a delicious fun way to raise money for charity!

Happy Cooking!


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