Recapping the weekend-Easter time!

Hi friends!  It's been awhile.  While I did not have a spring break, I did have Friday off and took advantage of the pretty weather and a Platform class.  Then we had our annual family Good Friday crawfish.  The Gentleman Caller came and brought his kiddos and they had a blast with my nieces and nephew while the adults enjoyed crawfish, beer and good company.  Linking up with the lovely Biana for weekending and have a few posts on Meal Plan Monday over at Southern Plate, et al.

So delicious!

We were so proud of Dad for his boiling skills!

The kids had a mean game of the weird version of monopoly my mom got at the Casino.
Saturday I got a lot of errands done while I listened to S Town.  Are y'all listening? It is so fascinating and addictive!!  I rode my bike to the French Quarter to Effervescence the new champagne bar to celebrate my book club friend Kim's birthday.  It was delightful as was the bike ride there and back.

I did not know half the table but ended up making new friends!
Her super cute cake!

We tasted these bubbles.  Then they alerted us the potty was broken, eek!
After, Gentleman Caller surprised me with a date night that  I did not think we could have.  We had some drinks at the Delachaise.  We had never been together but had our first date at the sister location of it.  I love that place.  We decided to try something new and go to DTB for a late dinner.  DTB stands for Down the Bayou a colloquial term for a place in South Louisiana.  It was a great meal.

Can never go wrong with duck!
Sunday we all went to my grandparents' house for easter in the country as I like to call it.  It was so good to see my cousins and grandparents and aunts and uncles.  And my family too.  As usual, my grandma had some family history to show me,  I just love how she keeps such good records of our long line!  I made Uncle David's Mac and Cheese.  It was a hit as usual.

 This was the record of her grandfather serving in a war under General P.G.T. Beauregard.  He is memorialized by a beautiful, albeit controversial statue near my house.

 I took my dying produce out my fridge and repurposed it into salsa.  It was so good I couldn't photograph it before it was gone!

We had a delightful spread as usual.  And hardly any leftovers! It amazes me how much we can eat!

Then the kiddos had the annual easter egg hunt.  It was sad to only have a few participants, we usually have a lot more!

And we ended the day with a wiffle ball game!

It was such a perfect weekend of family friends and food as usual.  How was yours?  Any fun plans?  Any Easter travels or surprises?  I hope it was wonderful regardless!  See you tomorrow with some food!

Happy Cooking!


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