Recapping the Weekend-So festive!

Hey Y'all!  Happy New Week!  It is gonna be a doozie over here,  but at least the weather is colder and feels festive!  Hope you had a good one!  I had three parties and they were all spectacular. Although you will only see the Friday night one, my pics would not load to blogger.  Oh well, here we go for the linkup with Biana and Lindsay et al.

I hosted our annual Dirty Santa Party Friday night.  It was such a success! We had lovely appetizers, a delicious meal that was too hard to photograph while entertaining and a lively gift stealing game.  We all have been friends for so long and now that we are all 35-40 with hectic lives; this is the glue that keeps us all together!

Who doesn't love a turtle or fun cocktail napkins!?

The usual suspects!

My cocktail was a fail (I didn't have the correct tools) but these cups from Simplee Gourmet were!
I just love these beautiful women!
 After or meal we commence the Dirty Santa gift game.  As we have gotten older, our taste has moved more towards comfy socks and candles.  However, an item that was intended to be a gag ended up the one that was fought over at the end!

Sadly I had low lighting and you can't see the painted on stomach hair.  So gross!

I got a super comfy blanket and Ginger decided no one could steal it!
 Saturday was a total wash for the holiday home tour.  I was a little tired and hungover so I decided to have a lazy day on the couch with my baby girl.  Thanks to Amanda for the tip on Dumplin', it was so stinking cute!

The Hanukkah party Saturday night was so amazing and we all had a great time learning more about the history and traditions.  I was also the big winner of the dreidel game! 

On Sunday we all gathered at my cousin Ashley's house to watch the Saints clinch the NFC south!  We had lots of yummy food and laughs.  Family is the best!

How was your weekend? Hope it was excellent!  See you back with some more food this week!

Happy Cooking!


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