Recapping the weekend- Unexpected Cancellations

Hey y'all!  Happy Monday!  It is a busy and short week for me as I am off on Friday and can you believe next week is Christmas?!  Send me good vibes today as I explain below.  Linking up with Biana for Weekending and Lindsay et. al for Hello Monday.  Here we go!

Friday I had Happy Hour with some coworkers to celebrate the end of a project.  We had so much fun I kept my phone in my purse!  We had stupid cheap happy hour margaritas at Johnny Sanchez.  Their happy hour is so awesome!

After that I headed to Gentleman Caller's for pizza and Harry Potter 7 Part One on the TV.  I am so sad we are nearing the end of the series!

I had such a scare Saturday morning.  I heard a thud that sounded like a cell phone falling off the nightstand.  Turns out it was Ginger falling out the bed in a deep sleep onto the hardwood floor on her side.  She did not come to for a few minutes and peed herself. We were convinced she was dead.  Then she got up and limped around and collapsed again.  I called the vet and they said they had no appointments. While I was on the phone, she seemed much better. Since she seemed alert and could walk and pee I decided to hold off until they could take us today.  I hope I do not regret that!

I was supposed to have a full day of Pure Barre, errands and dinner out with my high school lunch table Saturday, but I decided to cancel it all to stay with my pup.  She was out of sorts and in pain all day poor angel.

I even put the heating pad on her!  I had so much dog mom guilt!
I did take some time to go to my nephew's 8th birthday party.  He got an amazing nerf gun and enjoyed himself!

That Nerf gun is almost as big as him!
My one and only nephew, I just love him so much! And my photobombing niece!
After that I made a delightful meal for the blog that I am trying to get posted this week because it was sooo good!  I cannot wait to share it with you!

I have leftovers for lunch this week thank goodness!
Sunday I ventured to Pure Barre for the first time in 3 weeks.  It was brutal and I was sore immediately.  

I cannot wait to go back Tuesday!
I had to take a hot bath with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils after I was so sore already.  It made such a difference!

I was so pumped up from my work out I raked leaves, purged my kitchen and purged my closet after! I only got closet photos, unfortunately. The leaf raking before and after was so satisfying!

I did take one thing out of the pile and put it back.  
It all fit in this! Ready for our garage sale we are having for charity next month!
This is literally the ONLY closet in my house!  I keep a lot besides clothes in the bottom.
I caught up on life and blogging and made a delightful dinner for Gentleman Caller and I after.  I drafted this before that so you will have to find it on Instagram!

Well there you have it.  How was your weekend?  I hope it was spectacular!  Please wish Gingy and I luck at the vet today and get ready for some cookies on the blog tomorrow!

Happy Cooking!


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