Friday Favorites - What a week

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  Look at me, three posts in one week for once in a blue moon!

Work is starting to calm down finally! (I hope I didn't just jinx myself).  I got a "not a promotion" a little over a year ago (more work, same pay) which was ok with me, but it really takes a toll on my organization in other areas in my life.  I love my job, but I miss taking a lunch and not working late.

I said no to something this week and did not feel guilty about it.  Such a great feeling!  I have not done that in a long time...maybe that is why I got to post three times this week!

Are you dreading the holidays and spending time with people you don't want to like obnoxious coworkers or your crazy semi racist uncle?  Even though they can be annoying science shows the ritual of gathering and eating, even with those people, is good for us!

I woke up to this Monday morning...not a good way to start off the week.

And really unlucky for me, I had taken off my uncharged Apple watch Sunday and stuck it in my center console and they stole it.  It wasn't visible, and nothing else but a La Croix can was, so this seems it was an act of random.  Such an expensive bummer that I had to replace the window.  Maybe I should just leave my car unlocked from now on!

I went to an event for Alison Roman's new cookbook, Nothing Fancy, this week at the gorgeous Hotel Peter and Paul.  She is just the cutest and has a cooking style I totally emulate.  I want to be friends with her!  There were some of her recipes prepared for us to try and she signed my book!  I can't wait to get cooking out of it!

We chatted about my dog and Bitsy got a shout out!
Okay, if you read this long, I guess you get a little dirt on my Instagram post last weekend.  Well, yes, that is the guy I broke up with over four years ago that caused me to start this blog. Yes, he is now my boyfriend again. No, I did not get engaged or married - I got lots of texts asking questions like that - I was just finally in a place where I felt like I could share that we are together to more than the small group that knew.  I know, it is a little crazy; my friends and family were shocked and I am sure everyone is. Heck, I was shocked!  Sometimes you have to let go of someone to get them back and they are different and even better than you thought they could be; that is certainly the case here.  All is forgiven, but not forgotten.  I am so happy and so is he!

At the LSU Florida game last month.  I wasn't hiding it that well, he was even in my post about it!
I'm heading to Baton Rouge this weekend with the Delta Gammas for our annual trip to see an LSU game and the Sorority House.  I can't wait to tailgate and play with my pledge class!

What do you have on tap for this weekend?  Hope it is a good one!

Happy Cooking!


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