Friday Favorites-Fall is here!

Hi friends!  Happy Friday.  I forgot to publish this when I normally do, so I'm a little late this morning!  It is finally feeling like summer is over, the temps are bearable to be outside and SEC football starts tomorrow!  It was a crazy week at work and I am ready to sleep in and relax!

Y'all, I think my Instagram is back!  Fingers crossed it stays that way, I am so nervous.  You know how I think I fixed it?  I bought an ad on Facebook and then asked them if I could buy one on Instagram if my account was restricted.  After some back and forth about how I needed to contact instagram, suddenly I can like and follow and my profile works again!  Special thanks to the unfortunately still blocked Andrea for helping me find a way!

I got my new Box of Style this week.  Or I guess Curateur collection as they are calling it.  I love this box!

I think this bag will be so nice for fall!

And this necklace will make my zoom meetings so fancy!  

Kevin had his 40th birthday Wednesday!  After presents and a little happy hour on the porch, we went to a nice steak dinner at Crescent City Steak House.  

I gave him some great stuff!  I wanted to make some sort of memento of our travels this summer so I did this!  We can keep filling it as we go!  I got the map from Etsy and you can print the photos in the shape of the state.  The northeast is going to be kind of hard, lol.  This is just the states we have been together.  Wisconsin is a funny story.  We were broken up but got assigned to the same bus for the LSU Wisconsin game at Lambeau.  It counts!

We have some traveling to do!

I got him some new rocking camp chairs.  He loves them!

And some topography map glasses to go with some Whistle Pig Rye!  Someone needs a mani!

I am celebrating the return of LSU football and that is all that I have on the agenda for this weekend.  How was your week?  What is on tap for the weekend?

Happy Cooking!


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