Friday Favorites-What is with the weather and Instagram?

Hey Friends!  Happy Friday.  It has been a long week of prepping for another hurricane that looked like it was coming right for us and then made a turn.  This happened a lot before Katrina too and caused people to get complacent.  I hope that does not repeat itself!  Fall is here, according to the calendar, next week but it sure don't feel like it in these parts!

Hugs and thoughts going out to all of those that are in Sally's path.  My best friend in Fairhope, AL was freaking out because she doesn't wind insurance. Luckily she didn't need it and nothing fell on her house. I had no idea that was a separate policy in some states. #themoreyouknow

Speaking of hashtags, I have had it with Instagram.  Every time I try to like something, comment on something, use a hashtag, tag someone, follow someone  etc. I get this pop up:

I started a new account and then that one starting going the same way, so now I have two accounts stuck in Instagram prison.  I want to keep my old one.  I have been sending messages to Instagram through their help feature and no response.  I did nothing wrong!  I have organically grown to a measly 1000 followers just by being me and cooking.  No bots, no giveaways, no buying followers, no shadiness.  And they won't tell me what I did wrong!  Anyone got a good contact there?

In food news that you aren't seeing on Instagram now, I made corn fritters for dinner this week.  I have never made a fritter before and now I want to fritter everything!  Recipe adjusted from the New York Times.  I am not sure if that link will work, as I have a paid subscription.  I should do a post on this!

I used fresh corn from my Covey Rise haul. I added jalapeƱo and they were so spicy.  I regret not making a dipping sauce!

I love living in a semi big city, but man, I would love to have my police reports sound as pleasant as these from the small towns in the Hamptons!  If I ever go into law enforcement, I want to do it there!

Are you following Go Clean Co?  I decided to mop my floors with Tide after them swearing I could.  I have an over 100 year old house with original floors so I don't want to ruin them.  I dry mop and vacuum them twice a week and do Murphy's soup once a season.  I did a spot clean with the Tide water and it came out okay.  Then I did the whole house.  Kevin didn't notice a difference in the floors except for they smelled nice.  Well, trust me, there was a difference.  Look at this disgusting mop water!  I will be doing this weekly from now on!

Kevin's 40th birthday is next week!  We were going to go on another long adventure, but he is back working so a short one it is.  We are at his good friend's lake house in Texas this weekend.  I guess I will try and do some stories with my restrictions on my original Instagram account.

What are you up to this weekend?  Hope it is a good one!

Happy Cooking!


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