Hey y'all! I am Missy.  I probably know anyone reading this at this point!  I am a thirty something newly single girl who loves to cook! I am also a lawyer with a potty mouth and a silly sense of humor.  I am a Pure Barre addict who thinks there is always room for more wine! I just had to downsize my living situation after a break up and it doesn't have the gourmet kitchen of my dreams hence the title of this blog.  Follow me along as I try new recipes, share my tricks and tips in the kitchen, and whatever else I come up with.  Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest @missyquiggs. 

Email me with food questions, New Orleans recommendations or anything else at myshittkitchblog@gmail.com


Just a random night with a pink Cadillac!

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maureen kennedy said...

so proud of you. I'll supply some of my ceramics fornyour plating and pics. xxoo