Prepping for the week (August 24-30)

Hope everyone had a phenomenal weekend.  I did as usual.  I am really getting the hang of being single again, wish I could send this  perspective to my 30 year old self!  The highlight was a ladies only 90's prom Saturday night put on by a local mom's blog.  I got to do the dance to my high school favorite, the get it ready song sung by the DJ that created it!  I made a fool of myself and am sore!  If you are friends with me on Facebook you saw a little of the shenanigans.

Tonight I am making a "late night" pot roast. I went to Pure Barre in the afternoon and got sidetracked with visiting so I'll be eating late!  I will have that recipe as well as two leftover creations from it on the blog this week.  Also making Chicken Yakisoba from Budget Bytes (a fellow New Orleanian!) this week and plan on leftovers for lunch. Dinner  with the parents this week and a recipe is still undetermined for what I should make for them.  Any ideas?  Happy Week!  The weekend was just the right length for me!

Happy Cooking!


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